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Wicca Spellcraft for Men

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Wicca spellcraft for men : a spellbook for male pagans / by A. J. Drew p. cm.

Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN 1-56414-495-X 1. Witchcraft. I. Title.



BF1571.5.M45 D743 2001 133.4'4—dc21



For Brandon Teena (1972-1993) because you were twice the man that I can aspire to be.


Any human accomplishment is the result of every moment previous to that accomplishment. The completion of a book is no exception. It is only when we narrow the field that we can place names on the individual contributors to any one project. With that accomplished, when one of the names that remains has had no direct involvement with the particular project, it becomes obvious that that person was one of the most tremendous influences in the author's life.

My mother, Ann, has gone far beyond being a tremendous influence. She has been empowering and supportive in every way a son could dream. Without her love and guidance, I could not have learned how to type, much less author a book. Although at times I might refer to him as a character rather than an influence, my brother Stephen must also be acknowledged for his support and willingness to explore some of my more ridiculous ideas. Great thanks to my father for encouraging me to join the U.S. military and tremendous thanks to the U.S. Army for showing me how to be an adult. My father was a loving but stern man. It took a lot to impress him. If he were alive today, I am sure he would have been proud to see my first book in print. Fortunately, my military service gave him what he needed to be proud of me before he died. Also to be thanked as family are Steven Sowers for being my closest of friends, and Susan Sowers for not killing him, even when he asked her to.

Special thanks to Todd "The Hat" Rinehart, Tatia Kingslady, Robert "Osyr" Clark, Rebecca "Celene" King, Linda "Sky" Fainey, and Ruth "Bunny" Merrill: Todd and Tatia for the loan of rare books that were necessary for research; Rebecca and Robert for affording me the time to take a more active role in the Real Witches Ball 2000, which led to many inclusions in this book; and Linda for keeping the customers happy but at bay when I was writing in the back room of my store. I also thank my lawyer and friend Ruth for letting me know just how far an author can go without risking a lawsuit.

Every author who has acknowledged an editor has been accused of pandering the sale of a second book. This being the second of my books that Mike Lewis has worked with, I will risk the accusations. I live a very simple life, earning most of my income from clay works. I rarely wear shoes, and the one tie that I own has a Harley Davidson Springer front end on it. As you can imagine, I am not what readers envision when they think of an author. With that said, I offer many thanks to Mike Lewis for putting up with this big Yeti and helping me clarify and organize my thoughts.

I thank Patricia Telesco for pointing me in the right direction, Sirona Knight for keeping me on track, and Dorothy Morrison for offering the icon of brass to which every man should aspire. These three women are the finest people a human can ever meet. I would not have considered writing my first book without "Mama Trish's" nudging, and I would not have stuck with my own voice if not for the reassurance of both Sirona and Dorothy that many others see things as I do.

Before Mike, Patricia, Sirona, and Dorothy came into my life, there was a woman who unknowingly gave birth to what has become my greatest resource of ideas. Great thanks to Leslie "the Frog Lady" Mehne; I will love you forever. Thank you for all of your encouragement during the time we spent together and thank you for the suggestion that I create the Web site that has become the most significant influence on my writing.

Finally, thanks to each of the thousands upon thousands of community members at www.neopagan.com. Collectively, you have given me an unprecedented access to a pagan community that is unrestrained by age, race, sex, income, and even geographic location. It is from the members at www.neopagan.com that I drew the confidence needed to write to an audience of my peers in a voice of my own. To each and every member, "Blessed be and live free!"


Foreword 9

Introduction: Wicca Is Not a Fashion Statement 11

Section I:

Magick and Spellcraft in Theory 15

Chapter 1:

Magick and Wiccan Spellcraft 17

Chapter 2:

Men, Wicca, and Spellcraft—Thou Art God 40

Chapter 3:

Warnings and Ethics in Wiccan Spellcraft 60

Section 11:

Magick and Spellcraft in Practice 73

Chapter 4:

To Cause Internal Change 78

Chapter 5:

To Cause External Change 98

Chapter 6:

To Cause Etheric Change 110

Section III:

Magick and Spellcraft in Lore 127

Chapter 7:

Magickal Incense and Tinctures 129

Chapter 8:

Magickal Oils 157

Chapter 9:

Miscellaneous Magickal Lore 192

A Final Word 239

Appendix A:

Contact Information for Organizations 242

Appendix B:

Spellcraft Sources 245

Bibliography 247

Index 251

About the Author 256

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