Simple spells for protection

Spells do not need to be complicated or conducted within circle to be effective. Even the simplest of charms can be tremendously useful. Fill a sachet with protection incense (see Chapter 7 and use juniper berries). Add a piece of tiger's eye and charge with intent:

"Bag of berries, root and stone

Keep me safe while I'm alone."

Even with the strongest aura and best talisman, you cannot allow yourself to be abused. It is easy to turn away a stranger, but acquaintances that rob your energy and drag your mood into the ground should also be alerted to your limits. Even if they maintain a proper physical distance, your other senses will open the door to your mind. Sight, sound, and smell will slice right through your defenses.

You know who these people are. They always have a story to tell and it is never pleasant. They spread doubt and fear (two of the most dangerous thoughts to the aura), and generally destroy a good disposition. Call them social vampires, drama queens, antagonist, or abusers; but do not call them friend, partner, and, for the love of the gods, do not call them lover.

"With a fool no season spend, lest be counted as his friend."

—from the poem of the Wiccan Rede

If they cannot respect your limits, your best course of action is to modify your life in a manner in which you are not exposed to abusive people. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. When it is not, know your limits and do not approach them. When you think you have taken about half of what you are able, then ground it out.

Once our protection is in place, it is time to cast out those things that were already inside: our outsiders.

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