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Once you have achieved an astral state, focus anyplace with which you are greatly familiar. Your home is ideal, but anyplace on which your memory will assist your observation will do. Notice more details than where the furniture is. Try to note where your favorite coffee cup is, what is the date on the newspapers, where your partner left a magazine. If you are practicing alone, toss a deck of playing cards into a room prior to attempting a projection. Then visit that room in the astral and notice which cards were face up. Once you can reliably bring back information from a familiar location, attempt unfamiliar locations and see if you can accomplish the similar results.

This is possible because, like the more tangible plane, the astral plane is a shared reality. In a non-astral state, it is not necessary to have a memory of a place that does not yet appear to reside in your mind. Even if someone else built a house, you can enter and move about. The astral plane is no different except that physical travel does not take place. If the thought of that house exists in a person's mind, that house exists in the astral.

The greatest potential in astral travel can be found in its offer of knowledge. Virtually every potentiality exists scattered around different parts of the astral. If there is a cure for AIDS, it rests in bits and pieces that need only be assembled. The downside to recovering such information is that, just like in the real world, most of us could hold such a cure in our hands and have absolutely no idea what it was. So go with what you know. Artists can improve their artwork by viewing the potentiality of other artwork. Computer programmers can improve their programs by viewing the potentiality of other computer programs. The upside is that international copyright laws have not yet reached this plane. Besides, the astral contains concepts not concrete. In computer terms, the astral is strictly open source.

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Navigate The Astral Plane

Navigate The Astral Plane

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