In all acts where the intent is prosperity, remember that the path of receiving is cleared by the act of giving. If you do just what is expected of you at work, you will receive just what you expect in the prosperity department. However, if you give it your all and blast that path open, when it is time for a raise, the path leading back to your wallet will be clear.

Prosperity is sometimes elusive in a system where almost everything can be broken down into cash figures. This is because the universe does not have an accountant to keep track of the conversions. Our spells act on our intent. Although we may think that intent is for a cash return, more often, our true intent is for something far less tangible. You may think you want money when your true intent is to find a home for the family you hope to build. Discovering that intent will greatly improve your chances of recognizing success in your spells for prosperity.

Real prosperity does not refer to figures in a bank account, because those figures are not manifest. Those figures are just the idea of prosperity. Yes, money is often needed to acquire our true intent, but focusing on the money itself will limit your intent greatly. If you are cold and think your intent is to acquire a blanket, do not limit your magick by focusing on the blanket when changing the weather will have even better results.

The single best way to become prosperous is to discover your creative passions. Your drive to be successful will be increased a thousandfold by focusing on something you are motivated to succeed at. This is not always your current job. If you want to work with flowers, fixing cars is just not going to get you to your goals, even if it does pay three times the salary of a florist.

Do burn prosperity incense in your spells and meditations, but unless you already know what it is that fires your heart, do not focus on receiving cash. Instead, focus on discovering the path to your prosperity. Find out what will cause your soul to force your success and then focus on manifesting that which you discover is your true intent. Toward that goal, you have several friends and allies (see Chapter 9).

If you have trouble determining your intent, try calling on Hades in your rites. You might be hung up on the idea that he was the guardian of the underworld, but remember that the underworld is where many of life's riches are found. He is also a very decisive god; he often knows in an instant what others take lifetimes to discover.

Add to your ritual fire an ample amount of brimstone (sulfur), stoke your sensor with his incense, and anoint your body with his oils. Dance around the fire to raise your heart as you chant his call:

"Brimstone fire burning hot

True intent discovered not!

Hades! Hades! Forget me not!"

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