Popular false moral and for the good of all and according to free will

That disclaimer is one of the biggest cop-outs I have ever heard. Is it okay to point a loaded gun at an innocent bystander, tell the bullet not to hit him if he doesn't want it to, and then pull the trigger? The very idea that a few words can excuse our actions is completely contrary to one of the fundamental differences between Wicca and Christianity. Wiccans do not believe that a few words can wash away an unjust action. It doesn't matter if you accept forgiveness or make a confession to your priest. It doesn't matter if you say three Hail Marys afterward or include a disclaimer before. The words and your actions are not the same thing. Whether our actions are physical or magickal makes absolutely no difference. With or without a disclaimer, we are responsible for our own actions. Before placing either physical or magickal action in motion, we must place our brains in gear and decide if that action is something we should do.

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