Oils of the astrological signs

Astrological oils are most often used to attune representative items to a person's astrological sign. This better helps you to associate the representation of a person with the person. However, in every case where an astrological oil is used to attune a representative item to a person, you will have better luck if you can identify an oil or perfume that they wear frequently, as this will better make the connection in your mind. These oils are also useful in making deliberate change to your internal self. After determining the traits that you would like to include in your life, refer to an astrological guide to find out which signs are associated with those attributes. Wear that sign's oil as a personal perfume while you consider the attributes and how you can incorporate them into your life.

These oils are also very useful in the creation of personal power candles. Make the candle using a combination of normal candle-making instructions, the directions listed in the beginning of this chapter, and common sense. Burn personal power candles whenever you need an extra lift in your day-to-day life. This can be done within the confines of a Wiccan ritual or (if management permits) even on your desk at work.

Where a masculine or feminine version of the oil is listed, it is best to use the gender that aligns with the person's sex. Where a distinction has not been made, the practice should be overlooked.

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