How To Gain Psychic And Magick Powers Exposed

How To Gain Psychic And Magick Powers Exposed

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W hen it comes to advice on magickal oils, bookstores seem to offer two distinctly different views. The first type calls the subject aromatherapy. Books in the aromatherapy genre deal almost exclusively with the relationship of oils to human emotions. It is a long-established fact that scent impacts the mind on many levels. The second genre of books on magickal oils are the ones that list such mixtures as money-drawing oil without any attempt at explaining why the oil might help you win at bingo. I believe we can use one of these schools of thought to explain the other.

Most oils that are used in spellcraft are either pure essential oils or a blend of pure essential oils in much more affordable base oil. I have listed a concentration of 21 drops of pure essential oil to one-half ounce of base oil. This is the ratio that I have had the most luck with. It is much stronger than most magickal blends you will find in stores. The reason is twofold. First, essential oils are very costly and shopkeepers want to keep their expenses down. Second, no one wants to wind up in court over a nasty reaction to a strong mixture.

Even if we set aside the fact that the person who will use them best does all magickal preparations, store-bought oils are usually absolute junk. The worst of them are made with the cheapest synthetics available. The best of them are weak; a smoker would be hard-pressed to notice the scent at all. Simpletons are quick to argue that magick works on a quantum level, so even minuscule amounts of true essential oils will work if they are blended in the proper ratio. This idea is ridiculous, as magick is a function of the mind. If your sense of smell is not getting the message to the brain, the oil is useless.

Some blends are deliberately subtle because they are intended to work on a subliminal level. But as a general rule of thumb, if an entire line of oils is weak, then the oil maker is cutting costs. A good test of this principle is to purchase a bottle of Abramelin oil. I have seen the recipe for this oil in a thousand different variants. I have seen it weak and I have seen it strong. However, this oil is the proving ground of anyone who claims to produce authentic magickal oils, as the exact recipe is very easily found in The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage, by S.L. Mathers. Abramelin has such a high concentration of cinnamon and galangal, that it tingles when placed on sensitive skin. The valid argument has been made that Abramelin could not have been speaking about pure essential oils. The extraction methods of his time were not nearly what they are today, but even with the extraction methods of the time, cinnamon and flesh simply do not get along very well.

I have included nothing that is as dangerous as properly prepared Abramelin oil. But you should remember that these blends are just the ones that have worked well for me. You may have more sensitive skin or different reactions than I do, so if you want to be safe, I recommend you use a concentration of one quarter what I have listed until you are absolutely sure the oil will not cause an undesired reaction. Where I have listed most to have a base of one-half ounce, you should start with two ounces and see what the results are. If you are going to use them on your skin, always use them in a very tiny amount at first.

When choosing the essential oils for a mixture, most people research the lore behind the essential oils (scented material). Few people give much thought to the base oil. Most references to base oils are more interested in the oil's longevity than in the properties found in lore. This is unfortunate, as the base oil is typically the largest component of a magickal oil blend. Magickal oils should be used shortly after they are made, so concerns about rancidity should not be an issue. If they are, add three drops of wheat germ oil to each half ounce preparation to help prevent the oils from spoiling.

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