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W henever you make or spend time working with a preparation, meditate on the intent. If you are grinding herbs, don't cheat by using your coffee grinder. Use a mortar and pestle. As you do, hold the pestle (masculine) in your projective/dominant hand and the mortar (feminine) in your receptive/submissive hand. Visualize the two genders joining to create the child that is your intent. If you are blending oils, shaking tinctures, or mixing powders, always concentrate on the specific intent of that preparation at each step of the way.

Absolutely do not make or purchase a preparation for future use. This will be particularly tempting with tinctures as they take a couple of weeks to prepare. A large amount of the spell is the meditation that creating the preparation will cause. Even if your only preparation is to get in your car and drive to the store, do so with specific intent.

Give away anything left over from a nonspecific preparation. If the preparation was for general wealth or good fortune, then give it to someone who you know will not make their own preparations. This way at least they will be using something you know was made with heart. Throw away anything left over from a preparation for a specific intent. If you preparation was to help you get a specific job, bury it, drop it in a river, scatter it to the woods, but do not let any other person use that preparation. This will force you to acquire new materials for each new intent. This does not mean you should throw out that new bag of herb or bottle of essential oil. But if you made incense, oil, tincture, or another preparation with intent, get rid of it after the spell is finished.

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