Magick and Speiicraft in Theory

l have incorporated the use of magick in my everyday life for many years. For the first few years, I did so without ever questioning why certain practices worked. I simply purchased the typical spellbooks and did what the author said would work. Sometimes the spells seemed to work and sometimes they seemed not to. After a couple years of trying every spell that claimed to offer the results I desired, I found myself wondering why some worked and some did not. To answer that question, I had to determine how spells worked.

Finding books to aid my discovery was difficult. The only thing spellbooks had to offer was what supposedly worked for the author or what reportedly worked in the Middle Ages. Then I stumbled onto a book called Magick in Theory and Practice by

Aleister Crowley. The book contains a very sound theory on how magick works. However, the book has very little to do with spells and almost nothing to do with spellcraft in a Wiccan context. Upon reading the book, I realized why my search had been so fruitless. There is a very clear difference between magick and spellcraft. It is the difference between how all internal combustion engines work and how a particular motorcycle works.

Section I is not only my explanation of how the internal combustion engine (magick) works, but how one particular motorcycle works. In this case, the motorcycle is a beautiful Harley Davidson called Wiccan spellcraft. More importantly, this is my theory on how the two interact with each other and how spellcraft creates a greater chance of magick taking place.

Chapter 1

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