Incenses and tinctures of the planets

Incenses of the planets are burned with specific intent when attempting to draw on their archetypal patterns as explained in Chapter 9. They are also used to charge talismans that correspond to the specific planetary energy.

2 part cedar powder 1 part copal 1 part benzoin 1 part frankincense 1 part gum arabic

1 pinch saffron

Enough Sol or frankincense oil to bind

Best if made on a Sunday during the hour that falls in between the time of dawn and dusk, or during one of the planetary hours.

Luna (Moon) Oil

4 parts white sandalwood powder

2 parts myrrh (sweet if available) 1 part natural camphor

1 part jasmine flower

Enough Luna or lemon oil to bind

Best if made on a Monday night during the planetary hour or when the moon is full.


2 parts dragon's blood 1 part allspice berries

Enough Mars, galangal, or ginger oil (best with galangal oil, but true galangal oil is very hard to find)

Best if made on a Tuesday during the planetary hour.


2 parts lavender flowers 2 parts lemongrass 1 part gum arabic

1 part benzoin

Enough Mercury, bergamot, or clove oil to bind

Best to blend on a Wednesday during either hour of Mercury.


2 parts cedar powder

1 part juniper berries

Enough Jupiter or pine oil to bind

Best if made on a Thursday, during one of the daylight planetary hours. Venus

2 parts santal powder (red sandalwood) 1 part red rose petals and buds

1 part lemon peel powder

Enough Venus, rose, or lemon oil to bind

Best if made on a Friday, during one of the nighttime planetary hours.


2 parts myrrh 1 part violet

1 part patchouli

Enough Saturn or patchouli oil to bind

Best if made on a Saturday, during one of the planetary hours.

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