Healing the past

No one was born to a perfect family. None of us has enjoyed a perfect life during every moment that preceded this one. Our past is filled with events that may hold us back and haunt us from time to time. Although these demons are very real, we can sometimes be tricked into thinking there is nothing we can do about them because they exist in the past. If that were the case, then there would be nothing they could do to us as well. Influence is a two-way street. If the past can influence you, you can influence the past.

Key memories can be changed. If you were beaten by someone you also shared good times with, focus your thoughts on the memories of the good times. Make two dolls to represent the duality of your feelings for that person. If you can, use the person's clothing. Look up the herbs that correspond to that person's zodiac sign (see Chapter 9). Pick as many of the edible herbs as you can and taste them. Stuff the doll that represents the bad memories with the herbs that tasted bad; stuff the good with the good-tasting herbs. Personalize the dolls with their good qualities and with their bad qualities.

If the negative memory involved alcohol, put a bottle in the bad doll's hand. Miniature bottles are available at just about every craft store. If a positive memory involved baking cookies, put a cookie in the good doll's hand. Be creative and do what you can to make the dolls not only represent the person, but the duality of your feelings about that person.

Talk to the dolls and explain why you had to separate them. Let the bad doll know that he can continue to be a part of your life only if he doesn't present you with further problems. Should you encounter further problems with the memories, place the bad doll in a box and explain why you are locking him away. If he acts up again, bind him with duct tape. If you encounter one last bout, toss him in a moving body of water. Feel the connection between him and you drift away or sink to the bottom.

If you have photographs that represent a bad memory, place them in a mason jar. Fill the mason jar halfway with heavily salted water. Heat this in a double boiler and seal it when it is hot. Tie a black ribbon around the neck of the bottle three times and anoint with banishing oil. Place it in the back of the freezer next to the turkey leg you forgot from last year's holiday dinner. If this doesn't put the memory in the furthest reaches of my mind, I have been known to take the jar to my local shooting range and blast it a few times with a 12-gauge. Sure, the glass shatters and for an instant the visual affect is that the memory was released, but your mind doesn't process information quick enough to notice. Instead, it sees the representation of that memory all but disintegrate.

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