Friends and allies in prosperity

Like attracts like does not just mean you should use money in money-drawing spells. It means you should use like souls in soul-drawing spells. If you want to be rich, befriend someone with money and take him out to lunch. Guess who picks up the check: You do. After all, it is you who are there to learn. If you want to be successful, spend time with people who are successful. Keep in mind that possession of one desirable attribute does not mean that other attributes will not be less desirable. Choose your friends and influences carefully.

Of the people you will see on a regular basis, make a list of the people you admire and people that you do not. Arrange the names on that list in order of influence. Leave the centermost position empty. To the left and right of the centermost position, place people whose influence you desire the most. On the outermost edge of your peripheral vision, place the images of those whose influences you desire the least. Make it a game. Each time you see a positive influence, put them in the center of your vision. Each time you see a negative influence, put them in the peripheral of your vision. As you add people to the center, they push the peripherals out of your range of vision. As you place people on the peripherals, they push people inward. Remove anyone that is pushed to the center position. Try to finish each day with no one on your imaginary scenery of influence except good influences. Ultimately, it is your soul. You can use it to take what life gives you or take what you want from life.

Nothing says these figures have to be human. Our heritage and mythology is full of role models on which to base deliberate peer pressure. We have god forms, elements, models of our power center, and more lore than one could possibly learn in a single lifetime. Many of these models have plants, scents, gemstones, and other associations that can be used to trigger their archetype within you (see Chapter 9).


Apollo and prosperity are associated in all matters of the arts. He was once in charge of the Muses, and although he no longer works in that capacity, he still has a few friends in the business that he can call to your aid. His main focuses are pottery and fine arts, so if your plan is to sell laser color copies, you might want to skip giving him a call. With his incense burning on an altar decorated with tourmaline and sapphire, call him with your heart and with your own words.


If you have pet rats, I have found some of the best spells to draw prosperous pattern involve these cute little critters. Burn Ganesa incense and feed your critters a few peanuts. Don't have rats? Put some of his oil on your wrists and take it to the road. Just about every town has a pet store these days.

If you call him directly, do not do so except with joy and with dance, for that is his nature. Lace your fire with ample amounts of peanut oil and invite only your joyful friends. If you can deal with the mirth, you could even play the Baby Elephant Walk by Henry Mancini, but that might force you to dance the Baby Elephant Dance as well. Don't know what the Baby Elephant Dance is? Don't worry, light the fire, play the music, and you will.

"Long of trunk and long of mirth Dancer large upon the Earth Fortune here we now desire So we call with your own fire."

We entered Section II with a warning that "Thar be demons here"; it is only appropriate that we leave this chapter with the Baby Elephant Dance dance on our mind. So mote it be!

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