Essential oils and absolutes

This is the very essence of scented plant material. Various methods are used to extract the essential oils, including steam distillation and cold pressing. Absolutes are oils that have been obtained using alcohol and fat. Until relatively recently, lard (pig fat) or tallow (beef fat) was used. Today, vegetative fats are generally substituted for the death products. The alcohol and fat method of removing the essential oils is necessary when the scent of the plant is unstable. Most often, this will be with flowers that must be picked during certain weather conditions or times of the day. The plant material is pressed into sheets of fat and left for the fat to absorb the oils from the plant. The oils are then extracted out of the fat using alcohol. The process is much more expensive than either steam distillation or cold pressing, so when you see the word absolute next to a choice, check the price before you commit.

There are almost as many potential sources of essential oils as there are plants. Almost, because there are a few plants that simply do not have a fragrant essential oil. If anyone ever tries to sell you "natural strawberry oil," you might want to avoid the merchant in the future. While it may be possible to blend other natural oils to create a scent that smells like strawberry oil, there is no essential oil of strawberry.

Be careful when purchasing essential oils. Unlike the common base oils, true essential oils can be very expensive. As a result, synthetic oils are often marketed in much the same way natural essentials are. Worse yet, some oils that claim to be made with 100 percent natural essential oils actually contain only a portion of the fragrant oil that is boldly listed on the label. If a bottle has the word Patchouli on the label and the phrase "100 percent essential oil," you might be purchasing essential oil of

Patchouli mixed with essential oil of almond (a less expensive fill oil). As each is a true essential oil, the claim is both correct and misleading. The most confusing line of oils are those who sell both true essentials and blends at the same price. To be able to offer a uniform price, the less expensive oils are sometimes sold in pure form and the more expensive oils are diluted in ratio to their expense. I suggest avoiding such products, unless you are going to examine each and every label, then purchase only the true essentials.

When purchasing small quantities, true essentials will most likely come in amber glass bottles. Large quantities often come in special opaque plastic. If your oils arrive in opaque plastic, do not leave them there. Move them to amber glass at a minimum; blue glass is even better. The coloring agents help to prevent the damaging effects of light. Always store oils at a reasonable room temperature away from direct sun light.

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