Dreaming a perfect lover into your life

If you can meet the woman of your dreams in your dream world, you can meet her in your waking world. The problem with such operations is that when most people think about meeting the woman of their dreams, they think about the manifestation of that woman. If you start with the already manifested, you will tend to use that manifestation to backward engineer your intent. That will lead to disaster.

Instead, try to find your dream lover based on your intent. Hopefully, that intent will exclude such shallow attributes as race, height, weight, and other physical characteristics, but if you want to limit your desire go right ahead; after all, it is your mental well-being that is at hand. Use the previously listed techniques, but instead of using props that will directly link to a person, try to find things that will link to the attributes of the person you are looking for. If you want a woman who likes animals, use pictures of animals under your pillow and try to find your dream lover in parts of the ether that include animals. If you desire a woman who has an interest in poetry, read poetry before sleeping with your poetry journal under your pillow.

As anyone who has ever had a monotone professor can tell you, one does not have to be sleeping to achieve dream state. When we do this unintentionally, it is called daydreaming. When done deliberately, it is sometimes called astral projection. Be it dreaming, daydreaming, or astral projection, each is an act of entering what we call the ether.

Navigate The Astral Plane

Navigate The Astral Plane

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