Base oils

Almond Oil [masculine] (associated god forms: Chandra, Jupiter, Liber Pater, Ptah, Wotan, and Zeus): There are several varieties of almond oil. Look for one with the lightest scent of its own, as strong scents are a sign of artificial additives. It is the oil of choice when the finished product will be used for massage. Because its element is Air, it is an excellent base to use for the consecration and empowering of wands and other tools associated with Air. Lore also tells us that its powers are often used to attract prosperity and wisdom, making it an excellent base for both of these uses.

Apricot Kernel [feminine]: This is rarely seen in magickal formularies, which is sad because I have found it to be the best base oil on which to build love-drawing formulas. Its lore also indicates it to be a good base for projects where you wish to look good, as in courtship or a job interview.

Avocado oil [feminine]: This is a great choice if the oil you are building is designed to inspire lust in either sex. It is also a good base for the ritual anointing (not consecration) of the wand when a female anoints the wand. This is often the case when the full sexual nature of Wiccan rituals is present in symbolic form. The Priest/Host holds the wand as the Priestess/Hostess anoints it.

Coconut Oil [feminine] (Associated god form: Mars): This is an excellent base for oils whose intent is protection or to promote purity. However, it is very thick at room temperature and may have to be warmed to blend. Once it cools, it will become thick and possibly solid again. This is beneficial if the mixture must travel. Because its element is Water, it is an excellent choice for consecration and empowering of chalices and cauldrons. It is also a good base for oils that will be used in conjunction with Water energy and the West Quarter. When we combine the element, gender, and lore, it seems the perfect base on which to build oils to protect pregnant women and newborns.

Grapeseed Oil [feminine] (Associated god forms: Bacchus,

Dionysus, Liber Pater): This has very interesting lore. The plant from which it comes is also the plant from which the Greek and Roman pagans made wine. Naturally, there is an association drawn to Dionysus and Bacchus, whose devotees were said to be mostly female. It is also associated with Heather (a fertility goddess), so its associations can be seen as indulgence and fertility. Isn't that always the way?

Hazelnut Oil [masculine]: Considered lucky in its own right, its planetary association is the Sun. It is an excellent base for general good luck and wishing. Like most things derived from nuts, this oil is also considered a good oil for fertility. What? A male oil for fertility? Of course! Nuts and other phallic symbols have long been used in fertility rites and customs. This is an excellent oil on which to base mixtures for Beltane and for the blessings of a Maypole, as well as wands and other phallic symbols.

Jojoba: This is not actually an oil. It is a wax that remains liquid at room temperature. The down side to using jojoba is its price.

The upside is that it will never become rancid, so you do not need to add wheat germ oil as a preservative. Jojoba was used by Native American tribes (especially the Apache) long before European settlers arrived in Northern America. Jojoba originates in the seeds of a shrub (Simmondsia Chinenis), which grows in what is now Southern California. It is interesting to note that prior to its use in the cosmetic industry, its predecessor was oil taken from the sperm whale. Fortunately, jojoba has all of the properties of sperm whale oil (except for the smell), but does not require the senseless slaughter of such a magnificent animal. Because it does not go rancid, it is the perfect base to use when you do not know when the finished product is going to be used. For this reason, it is the only oil I recommend for use in gift or commercial oils. No one wants to receive or purchase an oil to later find it has gone rancid.

Olive Oil [masculine] (Planetary association: sun; Associated god forms: Apollo, Brahma, India, Jupiter, Mars, Poseidon, Wotan): Olive oil is associated with healing and good health. It is also used as the base for home protection, luck, and lust-inspiring oils. With and without being blended with essential oils, olive oil has been used for anointing for a long time.

Palm Oil [masculine]: Brings sexual potency to men and fertility to both sexes. Palm oil is a good base for mixtures designed to protect the home.

Sesame Oil [masculine] (Associated god form: Ganesha): If worn on the body, this is a good oil to base blends to inspire lust. Traditionally used for home prosperity (not for the individual but the household). The classic secret words "open sesame" probably refer to its ability to discover secrets. Use sesame oil as the base for truth and justice oils.

Sunflower Oil [masculine] (Associated god forms: Apollo, Helios, Horus, Surya): This is an excellent base for oils to bring wisdom, wise decisions, and truth. Its element is Fire, making it a good choice for the consecration of tools associated with this element.

While there is some debate as to the elemental association of the athame, I have found sunflower oil to be the best base for consecration of the athame.

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