Banishing getting rid of the outsiders

The outsider ritual is a great way to banish fear, confusion, cowardice, weakness of the mind, self-doubt, and the general blues/bad vibes. Anoint the inside of a fire-safe bowl with banishing oil. Write down the things that you want to remove from your life and place the paper inside the bowl. Sprinkle the paper with a few more drops of banishing oil and set it on fire. As it burns, repeat these words and visualize the outsiders being drawn from your abdomen up and out of your body at the mouth.

"Fear and weakness

Confusion and doubt

I draw you up

I cast you out!"

Carry the oil with you for the last two weeks of a lunar cycle. At the top of each waking hour, put a drop on the area of your body where the outsiders dwell, and rub the oil in as you drive the outsiders out with the chant.

Whenever you brush your teeth, think of the outsiders when you rinse. See them swelling up inside you, leaving your mouth with the rinse water, and spiraling down the drain afterward.

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