The Repetitive Dream

Many dreams are repeated in order to emphasize their meaning or to insure that they are noticed. This may or may not be obvious to the dreamer. Usually dreams come in a series of three. Sometimes their symbology will be quite similar. At other times you may record three dreams of entirely different symbology, but upon interpretation find that the underlying theme for each is almost identical. In either case the source of the dream is attempting to insure that the message gets through and is understood. A dream repeated over days, weeks or perhaps months, indicates something that you have not taken action on. Once you understand, and respond to, the dream, through action or a change in attitude, the dream will cease to occur. Generally the recurring dream is one of the following:

a) Precognitive or prophetic.

b) Compensation for an improper attitude.

c) The result of a traumatic incident which has left a negative impression.

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