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Many people fail in their meditation because either they are using the wrong technique, or they simply do not have a technique. Master teachers of

eastern philosophies suggest that during meditation you focus your attention on the "thousand petaled lotus" of the third eye (see Figure 7.2). This is the seventh and highest chakra. In this way you re-orient yourself by transcending association with your gross physical self and your mental identifications—and you become aware of the true source. When you sit in meditation, with your attention focused on the third eye, you lift yourself above and beyond the conscious and subconscious cares of the physical.

Notice that when you are feeling well and alert you are in touch with your environment through the eyes and other physical senses. Your focus is outward into the physical world. When you are in a negative mood, or depressed, notice how you withdraw from your physical world. You turn your eyes down and your focus reflects subconscious thoughts and problems. The next time that you feel depressed or moody, lift your eyes; focus your attention outward and upward—above the level of the horizon. Be aware of your surroundings and communicate with them. You will begin to feel better. Your gloom will fade and optimism will return.

You see, when you turn your eyes DOWN, you tend to relate to the subconscious. When you look STRAIGHT OUTWARD, you tend to relate to your conscious mind, which is oriented towards the gross physical/material world. When you look UP, you tend to relate to your higher, spiritual consciousness and the realm beyond the physical.

The natural tendency to place your attention in the manner that you focus your eyes, is used to aid your meditation in what is called the Third Eye meditation technique. Do you want to focus on the higher self? Then by using your natural tendencies, simply focus your eyes and your attention upward and inward to the third eye; a spot about one inch above the brow line and one inch inside the surface of the forehead.

Figure 7.2

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