Meditation should be comfortable and secure. Therefore your posture should be comfortable and secure. You may choose any position you like so long as you make sure to keep your spine straight. I personally recommend that you sit in a comfortable, straight-backed chair. You should be able to sit well back—spine straight—with your feet flat on the floor. The chair should, preferably, have arms to it on which to rest your arms. It need not have a high back, in fact it is better if it does not. You may prefer to sit or lay on the floor. If you choose to sit on the floor, the lotus position is not recommended unless you are an adept and completely comfortable with it. You should select a location that allows you to lean against something for back support. The floor surface should be comfortably soft. It is helpful, though not absolutely necessary, to reduce the presence of man-made fibers such as metal, plastic and synthetics, as much as possible. Ideally a soft sheepskin or a heavy woolen item, such as a blanket or rug, could be used for sitting or lying on. Some prefer to lay flat on their back, legs together and arms at their sides. The only drawback to this position is that some people will tend to fall asleep!


The area chosen for meditation should be a quiet place, away from outside noises such as traffic and children at play. The best place, of course, is your cleansed and consecrated Circle. If, for some reason, you must choose another area, it should be cleansed and consecrated in the same manner as your Circle.

Some adepts insist that the meditator face the east. In certain cases it does seem to give a slight benefit, but generally speaking the direction of physical orientation is of slight importance. If your area has a blank wall on the east and a window on the west, you will probably feel far more comfortable facing the window. The important thing is to be as comfortable as possible.

Remove possible sources of disturbance where possible. A ticking clock or, worse, the discordant ring of a telephone or doorbell, can be shattering. Disconnect them if you can. Radios and television sets should be turned off, of course. Clothing should be loose, so as not to constrict the body in any way. Why not wear your robe, with nothing beneath it? Better yet—room temperature permitting—go skyclad.

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