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For your physical well-being it is important that you end each meditation period with a re-awakening of the physical and conscious selves. This should be done in the reverse order to the method for relaxation. As your consciousness begins to pull away from the third eye, direct it to expand up the forehead to the top of the head. Then, step by step, proceed down through the body: cranial area, eyes, back of the

Group meditation can bring enormous satisfaction. The interaction of each person's vibrations work in a complementary manner resulting in tremendous psychic achievement. When meditating alone you may, once in a while, experience an 'off day. This is never the case with group meditation. In _ fact, for this reason, many people will only meditate with a group.

In group meditation .. .the group should seat themselves in a circle and should go through their breathing and light exercises in their own time. At the completion, by everyone, of the chakra color-reinforcement, the white electric light should be extinguished or blinds drawn, and the circle should then be illuminated by a blue light. In the group in which I work, we use a Westinghouse 100-watt 'Colortone'® floodlight. It is available just about everywhere and is ideal for the purpose. This blue light should remain on throughout the meditation.

Practical Color Magick Raymond Buckland, Llewellyn, 1983

head, face, jaw, tongue, neck, throat, etc.. Command each in succession to awaken refreshed, vibrant and healthy. Shoulders, upper and lower arms, wrists, hands, upper back, chest, chest cavity, stomach, sides, lower back, groin, awaken refreshed, relaxed and vibrant with life. Buttocks, thighs, knees, calves, ankles, heels, arches, balls of the feet, toes. Go through all parts of the body. Command each and every muscle, vein, fiber and nerve to awaken healthy, refreshed and vibrant. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much better you will begin to feel after your meditation. You will feel an immediate inner satisfaction and a tremendous peace of mind. Through meditation you will discover that not only is your spiritual consciousness awakening, but you are also revitalizing the physical self, as you begin to tap the great cosmic forces that are your birthright.

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