snake or deadly "t├Ęte de chien." Some of the adjacent islands, however, are unhappily renowned for their deadly snakes. In St. Lucia, where venomous serpents abound, between twenty and thirty persons fall victims to their deadly bite every year. In Trinidad, not only is the rattle snake anything but a rare sight, but a most fatal little serpent, called the coral snake, is frequently found lurking in the garden beds. A most beautiful little reptile, hardly a foot long, and of the most vivid red colour, its bite causes death in a couple of hours.

Another most aggravating household pest is the wood-ant. Very much like an ant, but provided with wings, these insects build most wonderful nests in the most inconvenient places; the corner of a ceiling or top of a window are favourite building sites of theirs, and to and from these nests radiate long covered passages wonderfully made by the wood-ants of clay and mud. With the most aggravating perseverance will these pests rebuild their nests in the same spot, and the only way to get rid of them is by sprinkling tho nests at the full moon with good doses of calomel or arsenic. At other times the poison seems of no avail, but at the full moon the little insects seem ravenous, and, devouring the bodies of the ants killed by the poison, become poisoned in their turn and are soon entirely exterminated.

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