West Indies Witchcraft

but furnished cool retreats to countless troops of monkeys, while here and there, along the sea ihon, groups of Carib huts may have existed and tarred as homes to the warlike and formidable savages which populated these'Windward Islands. I try to realise that the glistening white sail now shining on the horizon is the Pinto or the St. Maria with Columbus and thePinzons on board, and the astonishment and wonder of the primitive islanders on seeing for the first time what seemed to them gigantic birds calmly sailing on the oeean. ;

Columbus tells us that these savages were very different in temperament to the mild and trusting Indians of Hispaniola and Cuba, and that instead of the warm and hospitable welcome the confiding natives of the larger islands always gave the Spaniards—in these smaller colonies they were always attacked and their advances and presents rejected with scorn by the ferocious savages.

In fact, the islands of the Leeward and Windward groups were peopled by a most independent and warlike race of Caribs, who were cannibals and the terror of the mild and peaceful Indians of the larger islands.

The island of Tobago lays claim to being the genuine Robinson Crusoe's island, and probably the mild "Man Friday" was a luckless Arrowack, captured from one of the larger islands by the cannibal Caribs of the Windward Islands, who feared

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