World Saviors And The Stars

Astrology has foretold the coming of many Saviours. Most Christians aren't aware that before Christ there were many other saviours and each one of them has been recorded in ancient texts. Matthew 2:2 reads: "We have seen his star in the East, and have come to worship him." It does not say a star but his star. In modern terminology this is the same as saying "his sign." The book Origin Of Idolatry by Faber (Vol. II, pg. 77) reports that Zoroaster who lived six hundred years before Christ announced to the "wise men" of his country that a Saviour would be born "attended by a star at noonday."

Numbers 24:17 states: 'There shall come a star out of Jacob, etc." This text has been quoted often by Christian writers as meaning a prophecy of the coming of Christ. The verse says further, "It shall destroy the children of Seth." This would refute such a claim. The Star of Jacob (or Judah) is shown on astronomical maps as a prominent star in the constellation Virgo (the Virgin), called Ephraim by the Hebrew.

In the Syrian, Arabian and Persian systems of astronomy, it was known as Massaeil, from which is derived Messiah. The "Star of Jacob" derives from the older astronomical systems in which virgin (Virgi) was depicted rising with an infant messiah (Messaeil) in her arms. Messaeil is made up of Messael-el (Messiah-God) and is found in the Virgo constellation. This rises at midnight on December 25th ... "the star in the East." The Biblical "wise men" were astrologers."

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