To Compel A Thief To Return Stolen Goods

Walk out early in the morning before sunrise to a juniper tree, and bend it with the left hand toward the rising sun, while you are saying: "Juniper tree, I shall bend and squeeze thee, until the thief has returned."

Another popular long lasting book in the same vein, from which most such books are either based upon or copied, is Albertus Magnus, (Being the Approved, Verified, Sympathetic and Natural EGYPTIAN SECRETS or WHITE AND BLACK ART FOR MAN AND BEAST, Revealing the Forbidden Knowledge and Mysteries of Ancient Philosophers.")

Albertus Magnus was born in 1205 at Larvingen, on the Danube. It is believed that his real name was de Groot, Magnus being its Latinized version. At least twenty-one books or folios are credited to him. He became the Bishop of Ratisbon, resigning after a short time to devote himself to his researches in science, alchemy and the mystic arts. He supposedly discovered the Philosopher's Stone, and gave the secret to his pupil St. Thomas Aquinas, just before his death. The latter believing it to be the "work of the devil" destroyed it.

A sorcerer removes a precious gem from the head of a toad. The eternal quest for "gold buried beneath filth and honor" is shown by this symbol.

The style and even some of the "Arts and Remedies" in other books, including The Long Lost Friend are identical to Albertus Magnus, which has been reprinted in countless editions. One popular one selling for about a dollar is in three parts and has 208 pages. A great many of these remedies deal with livestock since in those days farm animals were vital to existence. In modern language livestock represents "capital, assets, or money in the bank." Following are some of the "prescriptions" from

Albertus Magnus God And Science

Albertus Magnus:

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