To Cite A Witch

Take an earthen pot, not glazed, yarn spun by a girl not yet seven years old. Put the water of the bewitched animal into the pot, then take the egg of a black hen and some of the yarn and move the latter three tunes round the egg, and ejaculate in the three devil's names; after this put the egg into the water of the pot, seal the lid of the vessel tightly so that no fumes may ooze therefrom, but observe that the head of the lid is below. While setting the pot upon the fire, pronounce the following: Lucifer, devil summon the sorcerer before the witch or me, in the three devils' name.

City dwellers would find most of the Arts and Remedies impracticable, and the items required almost impossible to obtain. However, there are many stores in large cities specialising in religious relics, occult and mystic books, candles, incense, herbs, roots, charms, amulets, powders and what not. The Chinese colonies in major cities are a good source of supplies for budding witches. Zolar in New York carries a full line of all these items, and issues a catalogue with this notice: "Customer in making any purchases must construe all statements recited herein as being either the legendary or superstition and not as any representation of ours."

Zolar's and many other similar catalogues advertise the following: Chinese Wash, Fast Luck Brand Incense, Astral, Devotional, Birth Month Candles, Crucifix Candles, Seals and Talismans, Roots From the Days of Old including Devil's Shoe String, Five Finger Grass, Adam & Eve Root, Little John to Chew, Southern John the Conqueror Root, Sampson Snake Root, High John the Conqueror Root, Lucky Hand Root, Genuine Myrrh, Genuine Live Lodestone, Lady Luck Perfume, Zodiac Coins, Chinese Good Luck Ring, 16 Highest Quality Dressing & Anointing Oils. Sweetheart's Desire Outfit, 7 Holy Spirit Brand Baths, 6th and 7th Book of Moses, Sensational Lucky Package, Special Purpose Incense, Money Drawing Combination, Lady Dale's so-called Success Bath Salt, Good Luck Combination, Lucky Hand Brand Curio Outfit "Some feel that so-called HELPING HANDS DRAW LUCK, GET JOBS, BRING BACK A SWEETHEART, HELP WIN IN GAMES OF ALL TYPES or almost anything else desired. This big Brother John bag is filled with everything pictured and WANTED. No claims made.

Sold only as a curio: Now only $3.98." If you have the interest or the patience to pursue the study of witchcraft in its more esoteric forms there are two large beautifully illustrated books recently republished by University Books, New Hyde Park, N.Y. They are A Pictorial Anthology of Witchcraft, Magic & Alchemy by Emile Grillot De Grivy and The Book Of Ceremonial Magic: A complete Grimoire by Arthur Edward Waite. One of the classics in the field is Transcendental Magic by Eliphas Levi, first published in 1896.

Among some of the many chapters in the latter work are: The Triangle of Solomon, The Tetragram, The Pentagram, Initiation, The Kabalah, Necromancy, Transmutations, Black Magic Bewitchments, Astrology Charms and Philtres, The Stone of Philosophers Elagabalus, Universal Medicine, Divination, The Sabbath of the Sorceres, Witchcraft and Spells etc.

In the old book Discovery of Witchcraft by Reginald Scot, he gives the following incantation .by which you may rid yourself of nightmares:

St. George, St. George, our lady's knight, He walked by day so did he by night: Until such times as he her found, He her beat and he her bound, Until her troth to him plight, He would not come to her that night."

Scot goes on to say "hang a stone over the afflicted person's bed, which stone hath naturally such a hole in it, as wherein a string may be put through it, and so be hanged over the diseased or bewitched party, be it man, woman, or horse."

In Shakespeare's King Lear he has Edgar, as the Mad Tom, say:

"Saint Withold footed thrice the Wold; He met the night-mare and her ninefold Bid her alight, And troth plight

And anoint thee, witch, anoint thee."

Nightmare is made up of the Old English night and mara, a spectre, thus the word means "spectre of the night." While in semantics the word assassin comes from Hasan bin Sabah's terror organization, the Assassins, the name derived from Arabic the hasnshashin, means those addicted to the hashish hemp. The word thug comes from the Hindo thag, meaning a rogue or dishonest. This was a religious fanatical brotherhood in Northern India, in which murder was part of the religious ritual.

It's interesting to note that in Franconia a nightmare is called die drud or das druddructen, derived from the Druids or Weird Women. A rhyme used to both chase it away and conjure it up is:

Druid tomorrow, So will I borrow

The Grimoire is a Black Magie textbook. Three of the best known are The Grand Grimoire, Grimorium Verum, and the Grimoire of Pope Honorius. The trouble with most of them is that they are not only useless, especially those written or compiled by over-imaginative and deluded Catholic chroniclers, but also in that the secrets of the Grimoire are rarely ever published, but handed down by word of mouth, from generation to generation.

This "fig gesture" was used by magicians in order to rid themselves of a spell Its origin was in an order given by Barbarossa to the people of Milan to remove a fig in the anus of his mule with their teeth.

Simple logic would dictate though that anyone interested in black magic or sorcery need merely reverse all the Christian symbolisms: Upside down crucifixes, making the sign of the cross in reverse, blaspheming instead of worshipping sacred idols and images, praying to the devil instead of God, despoiling holy water, defecating on the Bible etc.

Modern witches find the old Grimoires not only dull reading but absurd. They're preoccupied with the calling up of spirits and getting rid of evil ones, through complicated rituals and ceremonies. They employ the use of magical talismans, seals, amulets, secret codes and incantations that would try the patience of the Devil himself!

How to Hex books, both old and new, are available and are constantly being reprinted so there must be a demand. Unfortunately, many of the simple-minded who buy them in hopes of achieving the miraculous are doomed to disappointment. The only thing miraculous about such books is their continued sale. One famous one, The Black Pullet, is one of the better ones in that it deals with a series of talismanic rings with symbols well known to occultists. Without being pretentious as most of these books, this one has also been published under the titles of Treasure of the Old Man of the Pyramids and the Black Screech Owl.

Advanced atomic-age witches use sympathetic magic, dolls, wax images, candles and other implements merely as focal points of concentration ... including palms, cards, astrology and numerology, ... but they do not believe that the objects themselves have power but rather act as catalysts for releasing their own. This same principle is found in many religions, psychotherapies, hypnotism and in "Positive Thinking." The Power of Thought ... The Power of the Mind ... the full understanding and use of Suggestion.

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