The Satanic Oath

1. A spoken denial of the Christian faith.

2. Re-baptism in the Devil's name, the novice given a new name to replace the Christian one.

3. Symbolic removal of the baptismal chrism (consecrated oil mixed with balm) by the Devil's touch.

4. Denial of godparents and gaining new sponsors.

5. As a token of submission, obedience, novice makes a gift of clothing to the devil.

6. While standing in a magic circle the novice pledges an Oath of Allegiance to the Devil.

7. Initiate's name is included in the "Book Of Death."

8. A promise to sacrifice children to the Devil.

9. A promise to pay annual tribute to the Devil (black-colored gifts etc.)

10. Marking the initiate with the Devil's mark ... a strangely shaped area on the skin which became insensitive.

11. Vows of special service to the Devil, which included destruction of holy relics, and most importantly, not revealing the secrets of the sabbat.

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