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Sex in all its aspects and variations has played a strong part in witchcraft, sorcery, black magic and divination. In the 23rd chapter of 2 Kings Josiah "Broke down the houses of the cult prostitutes" These were male prostitutes who lived in the temple groves. Sacred and religious sodomy can be found in most Eastern religions, and in Egypt, Assyria, and many of the Arab countries, eunuchs were made expressly for this purpose. A recent newspaper story told about India's eunuchs banding together and pressing the government for pensions since the dissolution of harems they were forced out of work.

Obscenity Castration

SCORPIO symbol of fermentation and death, would use her influence to cause people to become undisciplined and full of anguish.

The Skoptsi ("castrated") of Russia began in 1757, a branch of the Sects of Flagellants. The latter lashed and whipped themselves and each other into frenzy and even coma. The Mad Monk of Russia Rasputin was a flagellant. Prince Yousopov wrote: "They claimed to be inspired with the Word and to incarnate Christ ... a monstrous combination of the Christian religion with pagan rites and primitive superstitions ... the purpose of these radenyi, or ceremonies, was to create a religious ecstasy, and erotic frenzy. After invocations, and hymns, the faithful formed a ring and began to sway in rhythm, and then to whirl round and round, spinning faster and faster ... the master of ceremonies flogged any dancer whose vigour abated. The radenyi ended in a horrible orgy, everyone rolling on the ground in ecstasy or convulsions."

Skoptsism spread rapidly. Hundreds, then thousands, had themselves castrated or did it themselves. A peasant, Andrei Ivanow, persuaded thirteen other peasants to mutilate themselves. He was assisted by Kondratji Selivanov. When Ivanov was arrested, whipped (punishment?!!) and sent to Siberia, Selivanov escaped, enlisted another disciple, Alexander Shilov, preached the supreme sacrifice, the Baptism of Fire, and gained many converts.

In 1775 the plump and facially hairless (the consequence of his being a eunuch) Delivanov was arrested in Moscow and sent to Siberia, but he escaped again.

The cult of the Castrators threatened to take on epidemic proportions. It was legally forbidden. In 1797 the Emperor was intrigued enough by Selivanov to grant him an audience, after which he sent him to a lunatic asylum. But when Alexander I became Emperor, himself a mystic, Selivanov got his big chance. The Emperor was deeply influenced by the Baroness Krudner, herself a sorceress and sincerely believing Selivanov a saint. He was freed. Suddenly the aristocracy was opened to him. He recruited many high place officials, including State Councillor Alexei Michaelov Jelanski, himself castrated, secret cult member and castrating high priest of new recruits.

The empress herself changed places with a woman who resembled her and joined the cult, using the name of Akulina Ivanovna. She was worshipped by the members until 1865. The cult called itself "The People of God" and it had infiltrated all of Russia down to Hungary. Most of the gold and silversmiths belonged to it. In the mid Nineteenth century Emperor Nicholas launched a crusade against it. Hundreds were sent to Siberia. This only increased the fanaticism and the Balkans became a hotbed of proselytizing and propaganda.

Whole guilds became members. The Castrators believed that by committing this supreme sacrifice, removal of the genitals, they would obtain power over any man or woman but none could have power over them ... in fact they could have the Power of God since the power of man, sexually anyway, was removed. They practiced religious witchcraft:, telepathy, mesmerism, healing, divination, trances, and incantations.

Many millionaires were members. They valued their money more than their sexuality, the latter being a threat. They were active in underground plots to overthrow the government, bribing officials, jail wardens, police etc. Their rituals included wild dancing and shamanistic emblems used by the Mongols. Many of their meeting places had secret entrances and exits, underground tunnels, and bee houses to discourage pursuit by the police.

Their rites were sadomasochistic rather than sexual. The clothes were Oriental looking, the men wearing long wide white shirts closed at the neck, long flowing sleeves, a girdle tied round the waist, and large baggy pants. The women wore blue gowns, their heads covered with white kerchiefs.

Women Castrators

' This photograph shows a ceremony of sexual initiation of young girls in the Amazonian regions of Brazil. When the young girl reaches puberty she is shut up in a hut for 6 months. At the end of this period the girl becomes the centre of dances involving obscene gestures. This lasts for 3 days and then initiation is complete.

Skoptsi, members infiltrated all ranks of society, even converting whole monasteries. Since the rich Skoptsi often bequeathed large sums of money to the church, and since they also had many government and police officials as members, it was extremely difficult to suppress them.

Dr. Karl Menninger in his book Man Against Himself states that this castrator cult springs from the self-destructive, self-punitive urge which can be developed in many people. This is an ancient mystical idea: Body castigation or mutilation in order to achieve higher states of mystical and spiritual awareness; to conquer the demands of the flesh in order to conquer the minds of men.

Descendants of the Skoptsi still exist and it was generally believed that a recent Soviet ruler., (briefly), Malenkov, was castrated by his parents, members of the sect. It still has strong adherents in Roumania though kept suppressed under the communist regime. Yet recent Soviet publications have mentioned it.

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