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Training in the arts of witchcraft was given to two hundred African students at the University of Moscow in the winter of 1960, according to testimony furnished to the. Senate Internal Security Subcommittee, headed by Senator Thomas J. Dodd (D., Conn.). That training, the Senate investigators claim, may explain some of the shocking stories of murder and torture reported from the Congo in recent years.

Anthony G. Okotcha, one of the Moscow-trained students, told the subcommittee that while studying in London he had been recruited by an official of the Russian Embassy, who had promised him an education in international law which would qualify him for the foreign service in Nigeria, his country. In Moscow, however, he related, he and two hundred other recruits, were instructed in Marxism, sabotage and guerrilla methods, and finally in "occult science" techniques.

The classes, Okotcha said, were conducted by a Russian professor who told the students that their mission was "the eventual liquidation of American and British influence in Africa," by playing on the superstitions of the people in underdeveloped parts of the country. The professor, Okotcha said, showed students how to produce-voices from a skull or skeleton by hidden radio microphones, how to produce spirit rappings and how to cause a phantom to appear in a cloud of smoke.

Upon "graduation," Okotcha related, he was sent to Nigeria to organize two secret Communist movements and to train selected Africans in witch doctor techniques. Realizing, however, that he was helping to lead his country into a "blood bath," he fled the Communist movement.

In the September 1965 issue of Fate there appeared the next item, copyrighted, reprinted by permission of Curds G. Fuller, President of Clark Publishing company, and Fate Magazine:

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