Spirit Prophecies

The recent outbreak of hostilities between the Russians and Chinese along their border, in which soldiers on both sides were killed, the Chinese mutilating some of the bodies beyond recognition, may be a prelude to the future. In the September-October 1960 issue of Guiding Light Magazine appeared my article entitled "Spirit Prophecies." Let me quote from the first paragraph: Chang Li has often reported on the international scene.

For years earth advisor to Genghis Khan, and later to his grandson, Kublai Khan, Chang Li has declared that the real world conflict is not so much that existing between East and West, as it will be between East and East. Russia and China (superficial allies) will be foes, that the land divide between these two Communist-controlled countries is getting slimmer and slimmer; the plains of Mongolia will become disputed territory.

In Chang Li's own words: "The spiritual heritage of the Tibetans cannot be suppressed. This centuries-old spiritual unity forms a force which will rise up and eventually overthrow their Communist masters. The Dalai Lama will be the spiritual fountain of all Buddhists. From his retreat in India he will pave the way for a spiritual upheaval in his enslaved homeland. In the Land of the Living God, the spiritual collective consciousness of the Tibetans forms an impenetrable barrier to total domination. When these two Communist powers clash both will suffer greatly from the uprisings of nations within their conquered domain ... "

Other Spirit Prophecies were: "M'Tunga, once tribal witchdoctor on the earth plane, manifested himself thusly: A spiritual revolution is taking place all over the world. In Africa the bondage of slavery shall be broken. The black man shall rise up to claim his heritage. New spiritual leaders shall lead our people to freedom. Bloodshed and violence, hatred and fear, murder and destruction shall reign — a continent will turn into ashes, and out of these ashes a new Temple shall emerge, whose walls will be of spiritual rock — indestructible. The few shall not rule the many. My people will once again walk with dignity.

M'Tunga first appeared to us on April 3, 1960. He has predicted that the white man himself, private citizens and businessmen of South Africa, will openly oppose apartheid policies of their Government; that the power of the black man lies in the fact that they are the economical foundation upon which rests the South African Government; some day these people will be self-governing."

Remember that this article was written in May 1960 and published in October 1960. Way before the racial violence, student unrest, rioting, conflagrations in New York, Newark, Rochester, Watts, Detroit and elsewhere. Long before the slogans of "black power" and "black capitalism" were thought up. In 1960 the Russians and Chinese were very palsy-walsy, at least that was the face shown to the world. Any differences were kept to themselves. The internal strife in China either didn't exist then or if it did it wasn't expressed in open battles with dissenting Chinese, the Red Guard and army troops. Following are more Prophecies in that same article:

"On the American scene there will be a revolutionary change in our Government. The Democrats will once again be elected. (They were). An unprecedented victory, a 'first' in American politics, will create worldwide discussion and controversy. (The election of John F. Kennedy by a very narrow margin of votes, of course a Democrat, and the first Catholic ever elected to the Presidency of the United States).

A Southern Governor will come out openly favoring integration. A former president of the United States will pass on. Cuba's Fidei Castro Government will be overthrown. (The latter has not happened yet though attempts have been made on his life, though this was generally suppressed). Guatemala will face another Communist uprising. (Has happened many times, many killings, skirmishes, etc.) Nepal, tiny Government in the Himalayas, is being overrun by a Communist fifth column.

A new third political party in the U.S. will emerge having enough votes to make itself known and felt. (George Wallace's American Independent Party received over 10 million votes in the 1968 Presidential election). An openly antagonistic anti-tax movement will cause headlines. (Though there has been much evidence of this it has not reached "Headline" proportions ... yet!)

An attempt to assassinate Generalissimo Trujillo of the Dominican Republic will be made. (True ...

his government was overthrown, he luckily escaped with his life and many millions into exile.) All those associated with the execution of Caryl Chessman will suffer personal tragedies of their own this coming year. (This wasn't followed up but the fact remains that after years of delays he was executed in the gas chamber although he himself never killed anyone).

A huge spy ring will be uncovered in New York. (True, Soviet delegates to the United Nations were caught red-handed in spywork and sent home). The leader of a million dollar religious cult will die, his demise kept a secret from the members, eventually leaking out, causing headlines, homelessness and suicides. (True ... Father Duvine, the "I am God" cult leader died, which came as a shock to many of the faithful. There were some suicides.)

Clear Water, American Indian Guide, has constantly lamented the betrayal of his people, but worst of all is that the American Indian himself has been spiritually affected by his isolation, his restricted freedom, his reservation-like existence. The majority have lost contact with the spirit world; the "happy hunting grounds" and "The Great Manitou" have been supplanted by economical needs, struggle for survival, material concern.

Nevertheless the spirit planes abound with Indian spirits who are spiritually doing their work to bring about recognition and justice for the plight of their earth brothers. It is for this reason that many white mediums have Indian Guides. The American Indian will be reached through the mediumship of white mediums guided by the concepts of justice, honesty and brotherhood. There will be a rebirth of spirit communication amongst the American Indians. A return to their past spirit awareness will be the beacon for their future."

FLASH! Just as I was writing the above news just came over the radio announcing the death of former President Dwight D. Eisenhower. The time: 12.45 p.m. Today is Friday, March 28, 1969!

Concerning Clear Water: There is a rebirth, a true Renaissance of the Indian Spirit, but "spirit" in the sense of one's heritage, identity, consciousness (as opposed to discarnate souls). The younger generation, notably the hippies, followed by the fashion world, have adopted Indian styles. At the 1965 Anti-Vietnam war demonstration in New York City, where over 500,000 congregated from all over the country, there were representatives of Indian Tribes conspicuous by being in full war dress!

The Indians, though technically wards of the U.S. Government, with no real civil rights, are becoming more militant, they're challenging, both in the courts and on the streets, the white power structure. Many organizations are being formed. There is also a militant return to their own religion, the first step in removing the shackles of Christianity which have kept them enslaved, self-loathing and undermined all these years. There is now an American Indian Church.

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