Soul Marches On

His soul apparently goes marching on, as fresh flowers are laid every day at the foot of his statue on a Lisbon square by grateful patients. Others leave knife marks in the ground every night at the cross of two paths - a way of inviting death to remove an enemy.

"I have a gift. Everything that I give comes from my hands," Dona Silvina says. "They transmit the wishes of the good doctor."

She precedes her "incarnations" with a set speech: "Let us thank our brother, Dr. Sousa Martins, for the cures he is about to give us." Then she goes into convulsions near her altar, covered with pictures and wax images.

My best cure is gymnastics," Dona Silvina explains. "Lie on the floor," she orders. "Do what your body wants to do. Do gymnastics."

These are young men participating in a magical dance. They dress and act as animals with the purpose of assimilating their qualities and thus attaining their strength. The engravings are from

Dordogne, France.

Past Life Regression And Reincarnation

Past Life Regression And Reincarnation

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