Resurgence Of Witchcraft

The article below appeared in newspapers across the country, date of October 29, 1967 and was authored by Joy Miller, AP Women's Editor.

Editor's Notes: While the kiddies are out trick or treating on Halloween, where are Mommy and Daddy? Can it be they are at a witches' sabbat, which, while it may never replace the cocktail party as a U.S. tribal custom, may be becoming vastly popular among the most unlikely people. Anyway, that's the word this Halloween."

"You may not have gotten the word yet, but big changes are occurring in the world of witchcraft and sorcery. The idea that only raffish types deal in the occult and black magic is old hat. Affluent, middle class America has moved in.

The next witch you see, although you'd never recognize her as such, may be your neighbor. That nice man who runs a shop down the street may be the high priest of a coven.

That's not to say that tried and true voodoo is in a decline. Musty little shops selling powdered scorpion tails, love potions and hex signs to the gullible or curious are still doing a brisk trade.

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