Ramu The Wolf Boy Dead At

Believe He Was Raised by Beasts

Lucknow, India, April 20 (Reuters) ... Ramu the Wolf Boy ... thought to have been raised by wild beasts in the jungle until he was 10 ... died today, 14 years after being found naked on the floor of the waiting room at a railroad station here.

Ramu, who had been kept at the hospital here and had made little progress since being found, suffered for the last year from a chronic respiratory infection and epileptic fits.

He would lie on his bed all day and the only human emotion he showed was to smile at his regular attendant.

Dr. D.N. Sharma, who first looked after him, thought Ramu was carried off by a she-wolf as an infant. He had deformed limbs and marks on his neck, suggesting he had been dragged in an animal's jaw over rocks and confined in a lair.

But although many eminent doctors and psychologists who examined him generally agreed he had no human contact as a child, some believed his parents had abandoned him because of his deformities.

He could only utter animal cries, ate raw meat which he snatched at with his teeth, could not stand up, would lap water from a dish and shunned human beings. No one ever claimed the boy.

This is a protective amulet that has been reduced to demonstrate the gesture of 'Ka'. Another Reuters story dated April 7, 1969 was head-lined: The Joint's Really Jumping When She Looks Around

Moscow, April 7 (Reuters) ... A 40 year old woman who can reportedly make objects move by just looking at them, inherited her extraordinary ability from her mother and had passed it on to her son, Tass reported today.

The story of the woman, named only as Nelya Mikhailova, was first told in a local newspaper three weeks after a privately made movie was shown to scientists.

The paper reported that she could make a clock stop by looking at it, make apples jump off a table surface by willing them to. or feed herself by wishing food in her mouth.

Today the Soviet news agency reported that Nelya sometimes needed about half an hour to work herself into a state to use her ability - named by scientists as telekinesis.

Tass said that the inherited gift was handed down to her soldier son.

On January 17, 1966 the New York Daily News ran this news item:

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