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Psychiatrists have pointed out that many neuroses and even psychoses stem from an unresolved conflict, especially with parents. People go through life re-enacting the same emotional traumas with other people in adult-hood that they experienced as children. Since many children have at one time or another wished that one or both of their parents were dead after feeling rejected, if a parent should die, the child grows up burdened by an unbearable guilt.

No matter how irrational it may sound he believes that he was responsible for the death. Wishing made it so. And if he doesn't really believe this he still is punishing himself by this overwhelming sense of guilt because of his childish hostile wishes. The parents of the past still live in most adults whether physically dead or not. If there was conflict, hostility, hurt, or hatred during the formative years these remain within the person and act as disruptive elements in all his relationships. It may take anywhere from months to years of analysis, at $25 an hour on up, to eventually affect a release, hopefully a catharsis.

Modern witchcraft has borrowed the techniques of psychoanalysis, applied and has affected remarkable "cures" combining the elements of psychiatry, Catholic exorcism and mental witchcraft. Here is one of them:

If you have guilts over a dead parent, husband, wife, child; if you have strong emotional reactions to anyone who has hurt you, whether living or dead; if you want to free yourself once and for all from the chains of a bad emotional memory; if you want a way in which you can be avenged for the wrongs done to you by someone; if you want to be totally free of the influence of any person, dead or alive, this is the way to do it:

Visualize the person who has hurt you, or the person you hate, in your mind. See him (or her) clearly. Take a dagger and stab him in the heart. Take his body and place it in a coffin. Close the lid. Dig a big hole in the ground. Push the coffin containing the body into the hole. Cover the coffin with dirt. After the coffin is fully covered with dirt say this: "Peace be unto you. Peace be unto me. I'm free."

Those of you who may think that the above is horrid consider this: Most of the unhappiness in the world is caused by repressed hostility, resentment, aggression, hatred. If you express this hostility openly there will be reprisals. If you suppress this hostility, there will also be reprisals ... you direct this anger towards yourself. It's a case of you're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't. It's precisely because you didn't give vent to your hatreds that they're eating you up alive. It's precisely because you go through life thinking of yourself as a victim of injustice, unkindness, meanness and worse) that you can't at the same time think of yourself as a victor.

It's either one or the other. You can't be a Winner and a Loser at the same time. It's this victim psychology that breeds crippling resentment and resentment always hurts the one who has it no matter how justified. In reality it means that the people who originally hurt you are still hurting you through your own resentments and hostilities. Far from being free of them you are still their slave ... even if dead they are still controlling you from the grave. They still live in you and make your life a living death.

If you're a religious person and shocked by the idea of mentally killing someone, especially already dead, whether mother, father or spouse, your shock and any resulting guilt is absurd since they're dead. What you do is kill the psychologically destructive elements that remain in you. Another point: If you say you believe in God then why try to usurp His power? Why credit yourself with life and death powers that belong only to Hun?

If you are not directly, or deliberately responsible for someone's death (not that you may not have wished the person dead) then why the guilt? Why play God? After all if wishing could make it so why did these people live as long as they did? And while on that subject just how many wishes have you made in your life, good or bad, expressed or repressed, conscious or unconscious, that actually happened?

Suppose you're an atheist or an agnostic. You don't believe in Witchcraft, an afterlife, mysticism, or anything dealing with the occult. To you it's all superstitious foolishness. Taking it from your own point of view and since you pride yourself on your rationality, then you have an obligation to be rational even concerning those things which you dislike or reject. You are subject to the same hurts, heartaches, injustices, influences and disappointments as anyone else. And if you have not resolved a psychological conflict, a deep-rooted resentment, towards someone in this life you are just as controlled by the person you hate as the God-believer.

You especially, since you don't believe in another life after the grave, then you can't possibly have any guilts about mentally killing a dead person who has wronged you. But you can free yourself of the self-destructive and unresolved hostility about this person by getting rid of him mentally. Since you don't believe in Witchcraft anyway what the hell do you have to lose?

Supposing you practice the Psychotherapeutic Witchcraft on a living person. The whole point is that this mental ritual is not so much to kill him (If thoughts could kill!) but to kill his influence on and within you. You give vent to your hatred, your hostility, your resentment, you become avenged, justice is done in your own mind. You are not doing this so much against him as you are doing it for yourself.

Whether he's living or dead this ritual will at least make him dead to you. Supposing you practiced this mental ritual and the person you hate actually dropped dead? So what? As long as you didn't physically kill him Where's the problem? Why feel guilty over something that you wanted? Again ... if you say you believe in God are you now claiming that your power is equal to or superior than His? The physicalisation of the thought against another is in His hands.


Assimilation with the devil can be seen in Pan's horns and the hindquarters of a goat.

If you're going to feel guilty over your own thoughts then just remember the guilt is only justified concerning these thoughts. It is not applicable to deeds not directly caused by you. The Dried-Up Lemon

Another popular modern witchcraft ritual practiced against enemies is the following: You cut a lemon in half. You write in red ink the name of the person you hate or want harmed on a white piece of paper. You fold this up very tightly and place inside the halved lemon. As the lemon juices begin to slowly evaporate so will the blood of the hated person. When the lemon has totally dried up the hexed person's blood will dry up too. He will shrivel up and die. Or he will suffer an accident with a great loss of blood. Or he will get a disease that will slowly eat away into the fibres of his body until he is nothing but bones.

One witch who uses the above method told me: "No, I don't believe that what I do will actually make it happen. Of course it doesn't hurt to let the person know what you're doing. But it gives me great consolation to do it, to imagine that it's working. It's a lot better than committing any kind of criminal act. However, the whore who stole my husband away from me finally got cancer of her breasts and had to have them removed. Serves the bitch right And I like to think that my lemon ritual helped in loping off her lemons." She laughed delightedly!

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