Psycho Held For Haitian Voodoo Killing

A man who said his favorite crystal-ball gazer was sticking pins into dolls when she should have been sticking to business, was ordered to Bellevue Hospital after his arraignment on a murder charge yesterday.

Psychiatrists will examine Claude Morriset, 25, of 424 W. 22nd Street, who moved here from Haiti two years ago, bringing with him a belief in black magic, police said.

Charged In Slaying

Morrisset was arrested Saturday night and charged with the slaying of Mrs. Mary Dutcbalellier, 55, of 206 W. 95th St.

Police said Morrisset told them that he plunged a kitchen knife into Mrs. Dutchalellier's abdomen when she refused to lift a voodoo death curse that she had cast over him.

Learns OfCurse

Morisset told them he often availed himself of the woman's fortune-telling services, but when he decided on a consultation with a different witch-doctor he was told that Mrs. Dutchalellier had slipped a curse over him.

He called on the woman and asked her to remove the spell. When she laughed, he stabbed her, police said.

He was ordered to the hospital for mental examination by Criminal Court Judge Walter H. Gladwin.

An Associated Press dispatch that made the most of the country's newspapers on January 16, 1968, doesn't deal with witchcraft per se but for the serious-minded it's certainly something to think about and for the lighthearted good for a laugh. Here it is:

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