Pregnant women and crippled children in their stockings writhe on rustic rugs as the small and stocky Dona Silvina "incarnates" the low voice of Dr. Sousa Martins, sitting on a low chair at the foot of a creaky iron bed.

"I miss the earth, I miss my sick patients," her voice says in a manly growl, supposedly reminiscent of Dr. Martins.

Dona Silvina shows proofs of her cures. Fourteen crutches hang on the wall, testimony of seven cripples who walked away alone. She shows dozens of letters from grateful patients.

The Witches; Sabbath

The Sabbath was a meeting of witches that took place several times a year. Note the broomstick, the magic means of transportation.

From time to time a case like Dona Silvina is exposed in the Portuguese press after a plain-clothes policeman has mingled with the clients in the waiting room. But the "witches" crop up in another spot and the clientele follows.

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