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Despite persecution, and despite the fact that there is a tradition of 'handing down' the Old Religion by word-of-mouth rather than risk committing it to writing, the Old Religion, now over 4000 years old, is enjoying a certain amount of renaissance, or at least publicity today. A split, in fact, has developed over this publicity with Sybil Leek of America advocating more exposure to the world at large, and Lady Alwen leading those who do not wish to draw publicity to private worship.

Telepathy and extrasensory perception play a considerable part in modern white witchcraft, as in the use of a though-cone to contact individuals or to work as a coven for a common goal.

Herbalism and folk medicine on a relatively low level of disease are also practiced, but quackery is never condoned; a witch can tell you when to plant your crops, but will suggest you also contact the county agricultural agent; she will give you a cold remedy, but will send you straight to Mayo for anything major.

Above all, a white witch does not use voodoo, Satanism, or any form of black magic. All of these forms are totally contradictory to the philosophy of love and charity inherent in the Old Religion.

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