Interview Three Witches

Just as there are no two people who are exactly alike, even identical twins having different fingerprints and handwriting, there are no two witches who are exactly alike. Just as there are thousands of different sects that call themselves Christian, yet who are in violent opposition to each other; just as there are a myriad of varying viewpoints within the Catholic Church itself, ranging all the way from the Liberal to the Conservative to the Radical; just as there are millions in the world who proclaim themselves Moslems or Buddhists or Jews, within each religion, there are countless offshoots, schisms, deviations, splits and sects. To call someone an American or Christian or Jew or Negro or Witch tells us absolutely nothing about that person. It is a collective identification that denies the identity and individuality of the person.

The three witches I interviewed were totally dissimilar in outlook, viewpoint, background, philosophy and motivation. Only one of them, Elijah Hadynn, would permit his name to be used. So we'll start with him.

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