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LaVey says his group recognizes man as basically greedy and selfish, so why feel guilty about it?"

"We have a planned hedonist program," he explains. "We believe in doing others before they do you. We recognize that man is sometimes lower than animals, and we accept ourselves as we are and live with it. The one great sin is self-deceit. We believe in the power of ritual magic and bask in the real flesh and blood life."

The Banquet Of Satan

This illustrates Satan and his faithful followers attending a banquet. This scene is taken from

'Sorcerers Revels'. It was drawn by Jules Bois.

The devil's high priest, who wears a horned black helmet over his shaved head and sports a circular beard, conducts his services in his 80-year old black-walled house near the Golden Gate bridge. His blond-wife, Diane, is a priestess for the ceremonies that make use of all the magical trappings.

"I had envisioned a selected group of aficionados getting together to practice magical arts," he says. "I didn't expect the church to be growing like this, with six thousand people around the world setting up their own groups."

In New York's East Village hippieville, Martin Carey, a 29 year old artist who looks like Edgar Allan Poe, droopy moustache and all, talks about a new kind of magic "that seems very pervasive among young people."

There's little of traditional sorcery about the concept, which Carey explains this way: "Magic is a process of discovery through which the roots of the universe are discoverable within oneself. By combining art, science and magic with the catalyst of meditation, I have been able to rise beyond timespace relationships and live in the past, future and present all at once, and see the universe as a whole."

Witchcraft has its humorous side. An international convention of witches, postponed from mid-August, is now scheduled at Coney Island in Brooklyn on Halloween. A spokesman for the convention, called by the operator of a Coney Island fortune-telling shop, says at least 15 practicing witches from the area will attend.

There is only one hitch: Two delegates insist on conducting their ritual in the nude. A convention spokesman said, aware of his awful pun, he is afraid the parks department, which has to give a permit for the affair, will boggle at the thought of two cold sand witches clad only in goose-pimples on the drafty wet beach."

The following news item appeared in many newspapers on December 13, 1967: Satanic Rites

Navy Machinist's Mate 3/c Edward D. Olsen, 26, of Oakland, Xalif., was buried with the rites of the First Satanic Church of San Francisco. At the graveside, while a Navy honor guard blew taps and fired a volley over the coffin, Anton LaVey, founder of the church, knelt and touched the ground, symbolically consigning Olsen to the earth.

"We consigned him to the earth whence he came and where he lived," he said later, "rather than to any heavenly realm." Olsen's wife, Christine, said: "My husband would have very much wanted this, to be buried with full Satanic honors. We seldom discussed the possibility of death in so many words, but he once expressed the wish that this would be the only way." Olsen was killed in a car accident Friday.

The following is reprinted by permission of Fate Magazine, The copyrighted feature appeared in their November 1965 issue:

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