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• Brief Outline Of White Witchcraft

• The Witch Manifesto

1 - How This Book Was Born

2 - Witchcraft In The News

3 - How To Hex Books

4 - Witchquarters Of The World

5 - Witchcraft And War

6 - The Curse on The Catholic Church

7 - I Interview Three Witches

8 - The Weird Ways Of Witchcraft

• The Satanic Oath

• Psychotherapeutic Witchcraft

• Fighting Witchcraft With Witchcraft

• Obeah And Voodoo

• African Witchcraft

• The Castrators

9 - Christmas: Pagan Holiday

• Astrological Origins of Christianity

• World Saviors and the Stars

10 - The Rise and Fall Of Count Cagliostro

11 - The Prophecy Of Genghis Khan's Bones

• Spirit Prophecies

12 - We Lived With The Headhunters

13 - The Borderline Bi-Sexuality Of Many Mystics

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