Ball Of Fire Injured Wife Mate Reports

Mrs. Viola Swartwood and her husband Marvin were driving their car in April of 1966 when suddenly they were hit by what appeared to be a "ball of fire." Her husband said that they were driving through a rainstorm when a flashing ball of fire emerged three feet above the front of their car. He said: "It lit up the whole car and then struck it with a loud snap."

Mrs. Swartwood was in the Auburn, N.Y. Memorial Hospital suffering from a partial paralysis of her right side. Her attending physician Dr. Charles Ryan could shed no further light on the matter.

Yet the next day many people in the Northeast reported seeing a fireball meteor in the sky. That was on Monday, The Swartwood's were struck on Sunday night. Residents, deputies and weather experts said that it wasn't an electrical storm and could find no one who had either seen or heard any lightning. There were no marks on the car itself.

The above story appeared in many newspapers.

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