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I wish to thank and acknowledge the following persons, firms and publications for their gracious assistance in helping me to gather material for this book:

To the Associated Press for permission to reprint in full the articles "For A Twitch, An Itch, Seek A Witch" and "Resurgence of Witchcraft". To the United Press International to reprint in full "Witchcraft Reappears in County Kerry." To Fate Magazine for permission to reprint "Witchcraft Taught At Moscow U" and "Sorcery At The Soccer Match." To Wyn Sargent, author, and Louise Bates of Junior Scholastic Magazine, to reprint in full "We Lived With The Headhunters." To John R. Nichols, editor of Strange / Unknown magazine, for setting up the interview with Elijah Hadynn. To David G. Graham, Editor, of Infinity, Cedar Rapids, Iowa for loaning me a batch of his witchcraft clippings. To James Woods of Ridgewood, New Jersey, for sending me a copy of Strange / Unknown. To Cosmos, Lawndale, Calif., for publishing my request for witches and witchcraft material. To Robert A.W. Lowndes, editor of Exploring The Unknown Magazine, for permission to quote from previous published articles on witchcraft. To all of you who sent me material from my Village Voice ad and who wish to remain anonymous. To "Maria" and "The Baron" for two exciting interviews.

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