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Pineal Gland Activation Course

World renowned expert on the pineal gland, Shaktipat Seer has helped thousands around the planet activate their pineal gland safely. Through pineal gland activation you can have a thorough cleansing of your aura, bringing into full effect the latent kundalini powers of your body. Over the years he has perfected his ability to give direct transmission of Spiritual Energy to the Third Eye Chakra, setting alight the glowing powers of the Philosophers Stone of the Neo Cortex region. Discover A Simple System That Anyone Can Do, Regardless Of Age Or Ability And From The Comfort Of Their Own Home. Through Pineal Gland Activation You Can Have A Cleansing Of Your Aura, Bringing Into Full Effect The Latent Kundalini Powers Of The Body Leading To. Shaktipat Seer is not trying to give you some cooky pseudo-science that many snake oil salesman push that has no real transcendental benefit. Instead he is merely presenting the natural way that this process has been effected (through transmission of Shakti to the Third Eye) in the East (India,Tibet,China etc.) for thousands and thousands of years.

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Contents: Ebook, 14 Day Course
Author: Shaktipat Seer
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The Brow Chakra Intuition

The sixth chakra gives us sight, both inner and outer. Also called the Third Eye chakra, its domain is perception and intuition the things we know because we see them, and the things we know because we simply know. Its talents are primarily visual, such as clairvoyance, formed out of images rather than sounds or other sensation.

The Faculties Of Medicine

The pure blooded Aborigines enjoy more fine senses. If we add to them the awakening of clairvoyance, or the sixth sense located in the Epiphysis gland, then, a more penetrating sensorial perception and a pure source of objective information is attained. This is impossible for the students from the official faculties of medicine to obtain because of the lack of appropriate methods.

Ending Your Meditation Period

For your physical well-being it is important that you end each meditation period with a re-awakening of the physical and conscious selves. This should be done in the reverse order to the method for relaxation. As your consciousness begins to pull away from the third eye, direct it to expand up the forehead to the top of the head. Then, step by step, proceed down through the body cranial area, eyes, back of the


To prevent nightmares, place a handful of vervain leaves in your bed, wear them in a mojo bag on a string around your neck, or brew them into a tea and drink it just before bedtime. To induce dreams of a prophetic nature, anoint your Third Eye chakra with vervain juice on a night of the full moon. Close your eyes, open your mind, and allow yourself to drift off to sleep. Upon waking from your slumber, take care to write your dream down on paper (or use a tape recorder) to prevent it from later being forgotten. If interpreted correctly, it will provide you with an insight to events of the future.

Steps to Casting

Salt and Water purification - add salt to a bowl of water, visualizing it being cleansed and purified, purifying all it touches. Sprinkle the altar and tools with it, and use some to anoint your third eye. (the bowl may be passed around so that each participant can do the same)

Correllian Wicca

The Third Eye -Located in the forehead the Third Eye has to do with ones ability to receive information psychically, and to access and use the psychic powers of the Higher Self. The Third Eye has to do with our ability to understand spiritual matters, and to interact on a spiritual level. The color of the Third Eye is dark blue, and its ruler is the Moon. Now move on to the Third Eye. Behind the center of your forehead imagine a ball of deep blue light. Make that deep blue light as clear and bright as you can, forcing out any muddiness or occlusion. Try to hold the image of all of the balls of light you have already opened, as you create the ball of deep blue light at the Third Eye. Now do the same with the ball of deep blue light you have created at the Third Eye. See it grow smaller and smaller until it disappears. Then see a small open door where the ball of light was, and close it.

Spells For Shiva

His symbol is the phallus, representing creative power, and many Hindus regard his benevolent, creative aspect as predominant. Shiva has three eyes, represented by the Sun, the Moon and Fire. His third eye allows him to see inwards and also to destroy whatever it looks on. He was not one of the original Vedic deities but became one of the supreme gods, according to legend, at the time when the universe consisted only of water.


Eastern philosophies suggest that during meditation you focus your attention on the thousand petaled lotus of the third eye (see Figure 7.2). This is the seventh and highest chakra. In this way you re-orient yourself by transcending association with your gross physical self and your mental identifications and you become aware of the true source. When you sit in meditation, with your attention focused on the third eye, you lift yourself above and beyond the conscious and subconscious cares of the physical. The natural tendency to place your attention in the manner that you focus your eyes, is used to aid your meditation in what is called the Third Eye meditation technique. Do you want to focus on the higher self Then by using your natural tendencies, simply focus your eyes and your attention upward and inward to the third eye a spot about one inch above the brow line and one inch inside the surface of the forehead.


Repeat the process with the balls of the feet, the arches, the heels, the ankles and so on. Completely relax the entire body, section by section. Calves, knees, thighs, groin, buttocks, spine, stomach and chest cavity, shoulders, upper and lower arms, wrists, hands, neck, throat, chin, jaw (let the jaw sag and hang slightly open if you feel a tendency for it to do so), eyes, cranial area and scalp. Relax every muscle, vein, nerve and fiber as you move up your body. Finish your relaxation technique at the forehead. Then you need only to focus inward to your third eye. With your attention focused at the third eye, let your eyes roll up, if you can. Go deeper and ever deeper into the third eye. Abandon the unreal material world the ego self. It is only when the materialistic ego self is transcended that you can find the door to the inner kingdom and your higher self. Give yourself to it yield to the magnetic pull from above. You don't need to pray or visualize to make...


Of all the herbs associated with dream magick, mugwort is by far the most popular and the most potent. To induce dreams of a prophetic nature, stuff a dream pillow with mugwort leaves and then rest your head upon it to sleep. Other ways in which to induce dreams that reveal the unknown or things that are yet to be include the drinking of mugwort tea and the anointing of the Third Eye chakra with a dab of mugwort juice. Mugwort can also be made into an incense, which, when burned prior to sleeping, aids in astral projection and lucid dreaming, and summons forth dreams that facilitate spiritual and psychic growth.