Reading Tarot Cards Revealed

Reading Tarot Cards Revealed

Here's just a few things 'Reading Tarot Cards Revealed' will bring to your life: Learn how to read tarot cards for yourself, friends and even strangers within 60 days. Seek support and guidance when faced with a tough life decision and improve your confidence and security in your chosen path. Find out the truth that you friends, lovers, family and work colleges may be hiding from you (and themselves) Impress your friends and have hours of fun doing readings while at the same time helping those you care about most. Bring love into your life by reading what is store for you and potential future friends and lovers. Make the correct career decisions and enjoy a more secure and prosperous life. Help others with your new expertise and at the same time creating a lucrative career as a professional tarot card reader. Here are just a sample of the things you'll learn inside your copy: The true history and symbolism behind the Tarot Cards that you must understand to have true mastery of the art (Page 8) Illustrated meanings of all of the major cards, including the Magician, the High Priestess, the Lovers, Death, the Devil, the Fool and Justice (Page 13) Meanings of the 4 suits of minor cards, including the suit of Wands, Swords, Cups and Pentacles. Plus additional meanings you wont find anywhere else. Read more here...

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Author: Teresa Caro
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Highly Recommended

I've really worked on the chapters in this book and can only say that if you put in the time you will never revert back to your old methods.

My opinion on this e-book is, if you do not have this e-book in your collection, your collection is incomplete. I have no regrets for purchasing this.

Beginners Tarot Ebook

Contents: History of the Cards. Major Arcana Meanings. Minor Arcana Meanings. Number Value Meanings. Meanings of the Suits and Seasons. Basic Spreads. Bonus Manifesting Spread. Read more here...

Beginners Tarot Ebook Summary

Contents: Ebook
Author: AHONU & Aingeal Rose
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Develop Your Intuition Through Easy Learn Tarot Online

Learn Tarot Online With This Course. Upright And Reversed Meanings Of All Cards In The Rider Waite Tarot Deck As Well As An Extensive Audio Course With Spreads And Interactions. Use The Colours, Pictures And Symbols Of Cards To Develop Your Own Intuition. The Develop Your Intuition Through the Tarot course consists of downloadable workbook. It is fully illustrated with the meanings of all the cards in the Rider Waite Smith deck of tarot cards, as well as plenty of space for you to write your own notes. 126 page detailed Master Manual, with notes on all the Major and Minor Arcana cards of the Rider Waite Smith deck of Tarot Card sand plenty of space to make your own notes. Spreads that I use on a daily basis with my personal readings and coaching clients, including Past, Present, Future Spread, Yes-No Spread, Astrology Spread, Celtic Cross Spread and the very powerful 6 Month Spread Tips on Developing Your Intuition. When you look at the cards as different entities, rather than just a blockage of the upright card, you open your readings up to a whole new level because you are now essentially working with 156 different cards and energies instead of 78. It opens up a whole new level of possibilities to help and serve your clients. Read more here...

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A Revolutionary New Approach To Learning Tarot Cards Fast. Its a complete course, Everything you need to learn to successfully read the Tarot Cards for fun and profit is inside the members area. All you have to provide is a pack of Tarot cards. Its actually structured for the complete beginner but it will also greatly help the intermediate student because of the accelerated learning module anchoring the card meanings more deeply into your memory. If you follow the guidance and allow the multi-media technology to do its work then you Will be able to read the Tarot Cards, and very successfully too. You will certainly gain the ability to create an income from completing this course, but its up to you whether you will use that ability. There is an existing, and growing, demand for Tarot Card readers, so if you are willing and able to promote your services, you will earn money, and good money too. Read more here...

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Creating Your Own Spells

You can use absolutely anything as a symbol for magick a flower, a leaf, a feather, words or images written or drawn on paper, candles to represent people or objects, Tarot cards, photographs, related miniature versions of the desired acquisition - a key for a new home, a toy car for transport, a postcard for a holiday destination.

Witch Attacking Postures

Witchcraft Book

The course went rather well, I think. We met about six times. For the most part the students came to listen it was difficult getting any discussion at all going, and I lectured for well over half the time. By the way, your books were very useful in this respect. Passing them around for examination did start quite a lively discussion. It developed that most of the students were interested in astrology and that many of them were interested in Tarot, subjects I know nothing about. One of the students mentioned a friend who followed a religion based upon reading Tarot cards. Unfortunately she wasn't able to prevail upon him to address the class.

Pathway Key The Empress

Let us continue in our studies of the Major Arcana in relation to the pathways of the Tree of Life. Having already covered the first four pathways we may now look at the next group of pathways. Once again I would encourage you all to look deeply at this area as it can truly help us to developed both a deeper understanding of the Tarot and a much better understanding of the Qabalah. Though the Qabalah has been in existence for much longer than the Tarot cards it is noticeable how well the two fit together. Meditation on the Major Arcana cards can aid us a great deal when seeking to understand the pathways that span the voids on the Tree.

Fox fire See jackolantern

Selena Fox

Born October 20, 1949, in Arlington, Virginia, Fox was raised in a fundamentalist Southern Baptist family. As a child, she began having mystical experiences, out-of-body travel and psychic visions. Upon reaching her teens, she pursued her interest in dreams, the psychic and parapsychology and learned how to give psychic readings with Tarot cards. She left the Southern Baptist Church while in high school, citing a number of reasons, including the church's disapproval of dancing and its refusal to allow women to become pastors.

Witchcraft In The News

Wjsn Secret

The article delves into the serio-comic aspects of modern young witchcraft, that it is a form of guerrilla theatre, a continuance of the neolithic religion that worshipped the earth goddess before Christianity. It mentions the underground California Druids. The author points out that the I Ching, tarot cards, astrology, Meher Baba, Zen Buddhism, auras, psychism, parapsychology, psychokinesis, are all part of this new resurgence in the neo-sacred culminating in witchcraft and magic. He pointed out that those involved had some of the highest scholastic marks and were intellectual aristocrats. He

Days of Power The See Sabbat

Divination The magical art of discovering the unknown by interpreting random patterns or symbols. Tools such as clouds, tarot cards, flames, or smoke are used. Divination contacts the Psychic Mind by tricking or drowsing the Consciousness Mind through Ritual, and by observing or manipulating tools. Divination isn't necessary for those who can easily attain communication with the psychic mind, although they may practice it.

The Occult is Popular

The forms of the occult can include mediums, channelers, clairvoyants, psychics, spiritists, diviners, mystics, gurus, shamans, psychical researchers, Yogis, psychic and holistic healers, astral travel, astrology, mysticism, Ouija boards, Tarot cards, contact with the dead, UFO's, and thousands of other practices which almost defy cataloging. Occultism includes Satanism, astrology, Kabbalah, Gnosticism, theosophy, witchcraft and many forms of serious magic. It includes activities seeking the acquisition of hidden things which are expressly forbidden by God in the Bible. Don't overlook the pulpits It includes views and doctrines that Paul warned Timothy about Doctrines of Demons (1 Tim 4 1).

Pathway Key Strength

Witchcraft Magazine

So now we begin the next section of our journey into the understanding of the pathways of the Tree of Life. This section covers the pathways that come below the first supernal. Again I feel it is vital to our understanding of how the pathways work to study and consider the positions of the Major Arcana cards on the Tree of Life.


There are two types of motive which make the operation of necromancy feasible and indeed permissible intelligence and love. The first, that of intelligence, is resorted to when all else fails, when tea leaves or Tarot cards give unintelligible answers, when the rune sticks talk in riddles, when even Vassago falls silent, and when the one person who can give you the answer to your question is dead. This is the more complicated operation to perform. The second permissible motivation, that of desiring to meet a loved one again, gives recourse to an operation which is easier than the first mentioned and is of the type which is often incorporated into the grand Sabbat of Halloween, although, strictly speaking, most Sabbat rituals do employ some elements of the first variety.

Astral Temple of

There are five doors, each with the symbols of the different tarot cards their pathways represent. The altar is opal with orange draperies. There is a fragrance of storax in the air. There are shelves of books betwen the doors on every wall. Writings of all sorts can be found here from books and scrolls, to stone tablets some new some from antiquity. In front of the eight sided opal altar is a pedestal on which you may place the images of this sphere.

Folk Magic

During the 1960s folk magic sprang back to life. The youth movement in the United States and Britain rebelled against rigid social codes and Christian-based ideals. Some young persons turned to Buddhism, Zen, and other Eastern teachings. Others became enchanted with what little they could learn of spells, charms, herb magic, tarot cards, amulets, and talismans.

Symbols Of Magick

Tarot cards also provide excellent symbols for magick the Emperor for power, the Empress for fertility, the Ten of Pentacles for prosperity, the Lovers for romance, the World or the Eight of Wands for travel, Temperance for harmony, Justice for matters of law, etc. Even if you do not use Tarot cards for divination, a brilliantly illustrated pack, such as the Rider Waite or the Morgan Greer, will by their pictures suggest all kinds of images for your work. My book Tarot Talks to the Woman Within (Quantum, 2000) contains many examples of Tarot spells and in spite of its title, the book is very male-

The Illustrated Key To The Tarot

The Illustrated Key To The Tarot

The pathology of the poet says that the undevout astronomer is mad the pathology of the very plain man says that the genius is mad and between these extremes, which stand for ten thousand analogous excesses, the sovereign reason takes the part of a moderator and does what it can. I do not think that there is a pathology of the occult dedications, but about their extravagances no one can question, and it is not less difficult than thankless to act as a moderator regarding them.

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