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Hops for Prosperity and Good Luck

The hop, a plant commonly employed as a flavoring and preservative in beer since the 14th century, has long been regarded by Witches as an herb of prosperity and good luck. It is an old custom among the English to hang a spray of flowering hops in the kitchen or dining room to ensure the prosperity of all in the household.

Leave the altar candles to burn down Preparing Your Mind For Magick

You are in your most relaxed state when your brain is generating alpha waves. They oscillate about ten times per second (the range is eight to 13 cycles per second) and are less common in our modern stressful lives. But they are naturally generated, for example, when you daydream, or sit by a fountain and let the rushing water fill your mind, or gaze into a candle flame, or have a lavender- or rose-scented bath. Compare these with the traditional routine preparations of fasting and ritual bathing of practitioners of the craft and you begin to see why these are important.

Friends and allies in prosperity

Like attracts like does not just mean you should use money in money-drawing spells. It means you should use like souls in soul-drawing spells. If you want to be rich, befriend someone with money and take him out to lunch. Guess who picks up the check You do. After all, it is you who are there to learn. If you want to be successful, spend time with people who are successful. Keep in mind that possession of one desirable attribute does not mean that other attributes will not be less desirable. Choose your friends and influences carefully. Apollo and prosperity are associated in all matters of the arts. He was once in charge of the Muses, and although he no longer works in that capacity, he still has a few friends in the business that he can call to your aid. His main focuses are pottery and fine arts, so if your plan is to sell laser color copies, you might want to skip giving him a call. With his incense burning on an altar decorated with tourmaline and sapphire, call him with your...

Money and Prosperity

This is important-wealth and prosperity are states of mind. All the money spells in the world won't bring us more wealth until we've learned to stop fearing money and its attendant responsibilities. So before trying the following ritual, change your mind about money. If you truly need money, try to want it as well. If you simply want money, see how you genuinely need it too, how it can help improve your life and those of your loved ones.


In all acts where the intent is prosperity, remember that the path of receiving is cleared by the act of giving. If you do just what is expected of you at work, you will receive just what you expect in the prosperity department. However, if you give it your all and blast that path open, when it is time for a raise, the path leading back to your wallet will be clear. Prosperity is sometimes elusive in a system where almost everything can be broken down into cash figures. This is because the universe does not have an accountant to keep track of the conversions. Our spells act on our intent. Although we may think that intent is for a cash return, more often, our true intent is for something far less tangible. You may think you want money when your true intent is to find a home for the family you hope to build. Discovering that intent will greatly improve your chances of recognizing success in your spells for prosperity. Real prosperity does not refer to figures in a bank account, because...

Strengthening the aura as a daily practice

Because like attracts like, there is no better way to strengthen the boundaries of your personal sacred space than by respecting the personal sacred space of others. If you wish to enter another person's sacred space, obtain permission first. Ideally, this permission will take the form of spoken words. However, clearly understood gestures can be just as effective if everyone is honest in his intent. You should not hug someone without their permission however, you do not have to verbally ask them for permission. Instead, you can hold out your arms in a gesture and they can choose to either refuse the gesture or walk into your arms and return it.

The Dark Side Of The Moon

In very rare cases it can be spontaneously evoked by the subconscious mind. However, such spontaneous action can not be controlled, which is dangerous, whereas the achievement of the ncccssary phase of mind, through ceremony, is the result of a disciplined mind that is under control at all times.

God Of The Month The

Because the God is connected to physical manifestation He is often associated with Light -for the physical world is made of energy, or light, slowed down in frequency and vibration. Often therefor the God is represented by the Sun, while the Goddess is represented by the Moon. Beyond this these two aspects of the God further breaks down into four archetypes. The Young God breaks down into the Hero and the Lover, while the Old God breaks down into the King and the Sorceror. All forms of the God will fall under one or more of these four archetypes, just as all forms of the Goddess fall under either Maiden, or Mother, or Crone.The Hero is the Champion Who overcomes all obstacles and embodies creativity, vitality, and self expression (Astrologically Mars). The Lover is the Consort of the Goddess, the Dying and reborn God Who embodies all virtues (the Sun). The King is the God of justice and cosmic order, prosperity and expansion (Jupiter).

Colour Healing Ritual With Candles

* Breathe in and take in the light, as you do so saying in your mind * Continue to breathe and visualise the colour entering and radiating and the darkness or pain fading away. If you are working in a group, one person can sit near the central candle and speak the words or drum the rhythm of the breathing. You may hear clairaudiently (in your mind) the collective voices rising and falling. After a time, you will see with your mind's eye that the same colour breath is being inhaled and exhaled by each person, and at this stage the healing energies are balanced.

Oils of the astrological signs

Astrological oils are most often used to attune representative items to a person's astrological sign. This better helps you to associate the representation of a person with the person. However, in every case where an astrological oil is used to attune a representative item to a person, you will have better luck if you can identify an oil or perfume that they wear frequently, as this will better make the connection in your mind. These oils are also useful in making deliberate change to your internal self. After determining the traits that you would like to include in your life, refer to an astrological guide to find out which signs are associated with those attributes. Wear that sign's oil as a personal perfume while you consider the attributes and how you can incorporate them into your life.

Simple spells for protection

Even with the strongest aura and best talisman, you cannot allow yourself to be abused. It is easy to turn away a stranger, but acquaintances that rob your energy and drag your mood into the ground should also be alerted to your limits. Even if they maintain a proper physical distance, your other senses will open the door to your mind. Sight, sound, and smell will slice right through your defenses.

Switching Representational Systems

Therapist George, look at the chair in front of you see that, at this point in time, it is empty. Now, allow your eyes to close, maintaining a clear, focused image in your mind's eye of the empty chair in front of you. Now paint me a picture of your headache with words as vivid and colorful as possible. I want you to see the exact way that your muscles are interlaced, straining and causing you this pain. Do you have a clear picture Therapist Now, George, breathe deeply and rhythmically. (Here the therapist moves to George and verbally and kinesthetically by touch assists him in developing a deep and rhythmic breathing pattern.) Now, George, I want you to see clearly as you breathe out, with each breath, breathing out, to breathe out all of the pain in your headache. I want you to see the headache slowly dissolving and flowing from your head, through your nasal passages, now through your nose and flowing out of your nostrils with each deep breath out, breathing out, breathing this...

Waking interactions with the dead

Try to focus just beyond the surface of the mirror. See it as having depth, like a pool of water. Focus your eyes on the fish that swim beneath the surface of that water. Continue to focus your mind on your most recent memory of a conversation with the person you wish to contact. If that person is willing and able, he will interact with you through the visual aid that you have used to create a portal to your mind.

Falling Leaf Ritual

* Move the candles closer to the container of water and look into the water and see, either in your mind's vision, or on the surface images in the light and shadows. If you wish, drop blue and green wax from the candles on to the surface of the water to create images that may suggest ways in which you can make the darker days ahead rich and fulfilling.

Spell Of The Month

BASIL -Promotes sympathy, peace, understanding. Helps to avoid arguments, clashes. BAYBERRY -Good fortune, blessing, money and prosperity. BERGAMOT -Protection, prosperity. Combine with Mint to work faster. CARAWAY -Luck, good fortune, prosperity. Also promotes passion and enjoyment of sensuality. CINNAMON -Luck, strength, prosperity. Increases effectiveness of any mixture it's added to. Promotes calmness and tranquillity, especially for children. Also used as a strong protection. CITRONELLA -Promotes eloquence, persuasiveness, prosperity. Draws friends to the home, customers to the business. GARLIC and GARLIC SKINS -Cleansing, purification. Used to dispel depression, negativity, obsessive thoughts. Draws money, prosperity. Also used as a strong protection. GINGER -Draws adventure and new experiences. Promotes sensuality, sexuality, personal confidence and prosperity. Adds to the strength of any mixture of which it is part, and makes it work more quickly. HELIOTROPE -Protection,...

Chants Words and Poetry

Many other techniques and objects are used by folk magicians. These include knots-used to represent the physical manifestation of a spell or to lend protection to a person or place clay-which can be molded into symbolic shapes mirrors-used to reflect negativity ( evil ) and to awaken psychic awareness sand-which is poured into specific images, somewhat like the way the Navajo create sand paintings water-a tool of purification runes-ancient or modern symbols containing within their few lines specific magical energies ink-used to create shapes or to sketch runes and food-which is prepared or cooked and eaten for specific magical changes. Power sent will be received in like kind. Performing negative or destructive magic ensures that such energies will be returned to the magician. Healing, peace, and prosperity are far more pleasant energies to receive. Some magicians accept the concept of the law of three, which states that magical actions are returned in triple strength to the...

Magick and Wiccan Spellcraft

The word magick is just a word that is used to describe natural laws that we are not yet aware of or do not fully understand. Once that law has been discovered, the event is typically called science. I'll let you in on a little secret Your local occult store will sell you a green candle that can reportedly fill your pockets with money. If you honestly believe the candle will bring you money, it will bring you money. But that magick is not a function of the candle. It is a function of your mind. If your mind expects results, you will generate results. Wiccans do not believe in a supernatural god who watches us from his seat in heaven. Although Wiccans and Catholics worship the same creator, our archetype of that creator is distinctly different so the formats of our prayers are different. We view divinity as a natural part of all living things. We see the creator as both eminent (external) and immanent (internal). Every man is God. Every woman is Goddess. It is impossible for you to...

The Conjuration of Vassago

Key Solomon Wand And Witches

Because there may be no visible manifestation of demonic activity does not mean necessarily that your spell has not worked. And even though Vassago be good by nature, it pays not to take short cuts. To reiterate, in the summoning of intelligences, particularly those seventy-two formed of the primordial fire, maintain the strictest adherence to the principles of safe witchcraft.

To Cause Internal Change

, S oubt is the antagonist of spellcraft. Not only does it distract from a mental image of success, it enforces an image of failure. This is where social and psychic attacks have taken their toll. If you have been told a thousand times that you cannot accomplish a particular goal, chances are, you won't be able to. Repetition is the key to learning. With each failure, failing will become easier and easier. Like attracts like. Because we cannot turn off our minds, our natural state is to be the victim of everything we observe. Anything that you see or otherwise sense has already entered your mind. Once there, the thought behind that observation will manifest in one way or the other. This is one of the reasons perpetrators of domestic violence are often victims of domestic violence. Those who commit sex crimes are often the victims of sex crimes. Both antidepressants and morphine are useful to the healing process when they are used correctly. Both can be very dangerous to your health if...

Other Kinds Of Patron Deities

When you invoce a Deity, you should imagine that Deity strongly. You may visualize the Deity in your mind, or imagine It manifesting before you. Some people visualize the Deity as amorphous light, or as a ball or column of light. Or they may imagine the light of Deity descending into a statue

External Focal Points

To use the pendulum, place the answer-card on a flat surface such as a table or desk. Seat yourself comfortably in front of it. Clear your mind of all extraneous thought. If you desire, say a small prayer such as the Seax-Wica Psalm given in Lesson Two. Ask the gods for protection and guidance in receiving true answers. Hold the chain with your right hand (left, if left-handed) about seven inches from the weight. Suspend it over the center of the answer-card, about half an inch off the surface. Holding the pendulum steady, ask your question. Make sure it is one that can be answered Yes or No . Do not try to make the pendulum swing. You will find that although you try to hold your hand still, the weight will swing backwards and forwards along one of the lines on the paper, thus giving an answer to your question. You do not need to ask the question aloud you can just think it.

The Wheel Of The Year

In LESSON II we spoke of the Wheel of Life. In the Vangelo Delle Streghe it is said that the Goddess spins the thread of life from the Wheel, while the God turns it. The God is often likened to a great serpent curled in a circle and swallowing its' tail to represent that He is the body of the Wheel, i.e. that the Wheel turns through physical manifestation. As Above So Below the great Wheel is mirrored each year in the cycles of the Seasons, and the Eight Holidays of Wicca. As explained above the Wheel of the Year follows the process of Involution and Evolution, having both a Dark and a Light half. The Eight Holidays are known as SABBATS. They are also simply called Festivals. The word Sabbat is of uncertain origin. It may be related to the word ESBAT, which comes from an Old French word meaning to Frolic or Celebrate. We will talk more about Esbats shortly. Or Sabbat may be related to the Judaeo-Christain word Sabbath. There is no way to know as medieval chroniclers did not leave any...

Popular false moral You should never cast a love spell on a particular person because that is robbing their free will

If you do turn back, you will probably survive with your mind in tact. But you will never stop wondering what would have happened if you kept going. If you run forward, you may very well become emotionally crippled you may also become truly great. Sure, you might be completely insane, but it will be an amazing insanity. Besides, once you arrive at the point of insanity, you will realize that sanity is simply a state in which your eyes were shut.

Invocation to the Horned

Return to the east, and facing west across the altar, gather up the three pieces of twine and consecrate them with incense and wine in the name of the Horned One. Then knot the ends of the twine and braid them together, binding the hair into the plait as you do. Summon up the image of your victim in your mind's eye as you do this, repeating this quaint jingle over and over

Fighting Witchcraft With Witchcraft

The only power any person has over your life is the power you give him. The evil trinity that makes such things possible is fear, faith and fraud sometimes backed up by force. The belief in 'evil spirits' is a confession of this. The only way they can assuage their own guilty consciences is by projecting unto the unseen that which lies within themselves. No healthy, thinking person is ever bothered, let alone believes, in such a thing. And even if this was remotely true these believers are forgetting something Like attracts like

Setting Up Your Altar

You may, however, have a more specific aim in mind. For example, to improve your finances, place a pot of basil herbs, surrounded by golden coloured coins and light a green or golden prosperity candle while visualising golden coins showering upon you. If you have a friend who is sick, and wish to send healing thoughts to them, place a photograph of them on the altar, and surround it with pink flowers, pink rose quartz crystals and a circle of tiny pink candles. Send your message of healing or visualised golden light, then blow out the candles deosil, sending the energies to where they are needed.

Witchcraft Reappears In County Kerry

If a cow goes dry or is taken ill many a farmer will search for a symbol first and call the vet later, he said. As to the reasons why there is so much of this the veterinary surgeon said 'The prosperity of one farmer rankles with another, so in the dead of night a bleeding carcass of a sheep is tossed onto his land and with the carcass goes a curse that misfortune will strike him.

Witchcraft What Its Really Like

A hex occurs when you allow some other people to exert control over you, when you surrender your own control to whatever the force may be, and let it take over. To combat a hex, you must simply take control of yourself. An occasional thought might slip into your mind - it happens to everyone - that you're no good or that you're failing. But immediately when this hits you, you must counteract it and supersell yourself in the other direction. Thoughts are very powerful. Thoughts are all we are, all we're made up of. The power of positive thinking is one thing, but with witchcraft you use something other than your conscious mind. I believe positive thinking works to a certain degree, but how do you keep your thinking positive No matter how strong you are, your subconscious is going to trip you up. You can't sustain a positive thought without thinking something negative is going to happen. What you must do is perform a certain ritual that reinforces the...

Healing Ritual For An Absent Person

Rogaska Cristal

Oils and incenses, like herbs, are very versatile. The easiest way of attracting all the good things you want not only for yourself but also for those you love and for those in need, is to burn oils and to release the appropriate fragrances and let them work in their own way.You can choose the appropriate oil for health, happiness, love, success, prosperity, confidence and protection, to name but a few.

Demos Angered By Annointing

Rebecca Nurse and her husband Francis were two of the most prominent and well-respected citizens of Salem. They had established a prosperous farm compound that was almost self sufficient, supporting a large extended family of several generations. Their prosperity was envied, and they angered some of the residents by their involvement in a land dispute. Historians have speculated that had she been the first to be accused, few would have believed the charges, and the hysteria might have died an early death with no, or perhaps few, casualties. But the hysteria of the girls by then were believed by too many residents. When the girls cried out against Nurse, their charges were taken seriously by many. Envy of the Nurses' prosperity and status, and simmering resentments over the land dispute, may have played a role in the fate of Rebecca. It is possible that the accusing girls picked up on gossip against Re

Counter Magic And Protection

With each step of your ritual, see, in your mind's eye, your feet leaving blue, glowing footprints of witch power on the ground behind you. You are surrounding your house with a giant protective circle of light Concentrate on Hertha's image and chant a phrase which suggests the Earth power to you. This can, again, be composed of a list of the goddesses' names such as Rhea, Ceres, Hulda, Vesta or simply Hertha, bless this house and all who live in it, or even a stanza from a poem which evokes the feeling of safety, protection, or prosperity, such as the Hertha invocation already mentioned or any other verse you care to choose. It need not be directly connected with the home. If it is, so much the better.

Folk Magick And Ritual Magick

Modern Magick

Most rituals are related to the basic human needs for health, love, fertility and prosperity. In Chapter In past time, the well-being of the planet was considered to be the responsibility of peasant as well as king through paying tributes and enacting age-old ceremonies to invoke the necessary energies for the Wheel of the Year to turn. So individual prosperity or fertility was attained both through private spells and charms and by sending positive energies to the Earth and the cosmos and, in a sense, receiving bounty as those beams were amplified and returned to the sender. domesticity and the daily world, these implements could not be safer fruit, vegetables, salt, sand, seeds, flowers, coins, pots and jars, together with your crystals, candles, incense and oils, and perhaps a few coloured scarves or ribbons to tie knots. Whether your spell is small and personal, or vast and universal, whether you are working to attract love, harmony in the home, prosperity or fertility for yourself...

Planetary Magical Days Of The Week

Sunday, the day of the Sun, is for spells for personal fulfilment and ambition, power and success, for increasing the flow of the life force, asserting or strengthening your identity and individuality, for innovation of all kinds and new beginnings. It is potent also for energy, joy, health prosperity, spiritual awareness, self-confidence, for bringing wealth and prosperity if there is poverty and failure, for breaking a run of bad luck, and for all matters concerning fathers. I have listed various solar deities in Chapter 4. Though there are powerful Sun goddesses, the Sun's focus is mainly male animus yang in both men and women.

Psychotherapeutic Witchcraft

Visualize the person who has hurt you, or the person you hate, in your mind. See him (or her) clearly. Take a dagger and stab him in the heart. Take his body and place it in a coffin. Close the lid. Dig a big hole in the ground. Push the coffin containing the body into the hole. Cover the coffin with dirt. After the coffin is fully covered with dirt say this Peace be unto you. Peace be unto me. I'm free.

Oils and Incenses in Magick

Good examples are patchouli, peppermint, ginger and sage. If you are pregnant, use frankincense, orange and lavender. (Note that lavender is an all-purpose herb that can be substituted for any other.) * Symbols of prosperity, such as jewellery (golden-coloured for the Sun, and silver for the Moon), and some copper-coloured coins for Venus, planet of growth, to add to your money jar. (Keep a collection of foreign currency left over from holidays for such prosperity spells. You can often also buy from garage sales or museum shops old or reproduction coins in the traditional metals -such as the US silver dollar - and these tend to have more of the pure metal. Failing this, even metal discs will do.) * Place the lid on the pot, then sit and visualise the money coming towards you and develop your plans to increase your prosperity.

Yellow White Red Green

You may choose to dress your candle (see LESSON 4). If so you would do that now. You might use lavendar for healing, cinnamon for protection, rose for love, or vanilla for prosperity. As the candle burns, focus on your goal. Imagine the goal strongly, and picture it being fulfilled. Imagine what it is like to have this goal in your life -for example if you are working for healing, see yourself being healed and healthy. Or if your working for prosperity, imagine yourself surrounded by money, or by items that represent prosperity to you.

Samhain Ritual To Move Beyond The Constraints Of Linear Time

* Shut your eyes, open them, blink and write down the first image that comes either in your mind's eye or in the circle of light. Focus Rebirth, the return of light, the triumph of life over death, spiritual awakening, light in the midst of darkness, faith that the Wheel will turn and the life cycle begin anew.

How the Little People became Witches and Concerning the Knights Templar

This influx might have brought about some changes in the cult, but the main objects would I think be unaltered. What they wanted was prosperity and fertility for the tribe, a life after death in happy conditions, and reincarnation into their tribe or nation. other words, 'initiation' into a more or less secret society whose secrets were a magical talisman, which had five forms, or five things which were different but the same a secret of prosperity and fertility, and a secret of resurrection or regeneration connected with a lance which dripped blood into a cup or cauldron. In the Chronicle of Cyprus we hear that a Templar's servant removed ( stole) his master's girdle. When the Templar discovered this he immediately killed the servant with his sword. Again, an outsider is said to have heard a knight instructing some novices, telling them to guard these cords well, wearing them concealed beneath their clothing, as through them they might attain great prosperity. There are many ancient...

Spring Equinox Cleaning Ritual

* After the ritual is over, try to leave enough time in the remainder of your day to go to the top of a hill. Take a kite (made from a biodegradable fabric if possible) and in your mind, tie any lingering doubts, fears and concerns to the kite's tail and let it fly away. If you don't have a kite, use a feather for each of your worries and throw them into the air. Hopefully, a child will find the kite, cleansed by the winds, and it will bring joy.

Deities Of The Male Principle

Cerunnos' importance has been in his continuing presence as the Horned God, the male principle in witchcraft through the ages, in modern Wicca and other neo-pagan faiths. He is also invoked for prosperity, fertility, instinctive power and knowledge of when it is necessary to hunt, whether to find employment or a home, and as protection against predators of all kinds.

The Shamanic Technique of astral projection Throw yourself at the ground and miss

Cast your circle as you would normally. For smudging, burn a mixture of lavender and sage. If you can, work with the energy flow of your chakras to strengthen your aura. When it is time to invite the Lord and Lady, call on the god form that you have chosen as your guide. If you are working with a group in which others will attempt the process, let the invitation be spoken in a generic fashion but speak his name internally. Although it is your mind that you are entering, the visualization of your aura will be what you take with you as what is called the astral body. Begin the drumming or other sources of rhythmic noise, and start your favorite chant. See that wall as the ground in the center of your circle. With the last portions of energy, fall to that wall. As you do, see the momentum of your dance travel with you towards the Earth. See your guide riding that momentum with you. At the moment of impact, feel your aura (astral body) punch a hole through that wall at its strongest point...

The Scourge and the Kiss

Ask the Goddess to help you to obtain your desires, then Scourge again to bind the spell. This be powerful in ill luck and for sickness. It must be said in a Circle, and you must be properly prepared and well purified, both before and after saying, to bind the spell. Before starting you must make a very clear picture in your mind of what you wish. Make yourself see the wish obtained. Be sure in your own mind exactly what it is and how it is to be fulfilled. This spell is the one that was taught to me long ago and I have found it works, but I don't think there is any special virtue in these words. Any others can be

Incenses and tinctures of intent

Enough Memory or juniper berry oil to bind Prosperity Burn while working on plans to improve your state of being. If used as a tincture, rub it into each bill that you spend until the prosperity that you seek finds you. 1 part gum arabic (if incense) or cinnamon (if tincture) Enough Prosperity or patchouli oil to bind

Black Shuck See BLACK animals

Since fertility was vital to prosperity, it was believed that a witch who wanted to harm a neighbor would cast a spell on his generative ability or that of his livelihood (see ILL-wiSHING). If cows didn't calve, if the corn failed to sprout, if the wife miscarried, then the household had been bewitched. The bewitchment could be done with a look (see EVIL EYE) or touch but usually involved incan-tantions and magic powders. According to the church, God allowed the DEVIL to have power over the generative act because the first sin of corruption was sex a serpent tempted Eve therefore, witches the alleged agents of the Devil could use snakes to impair fertility.

Categories Of Channeling

In the case of conscious channeling, the Psychic's conscious awareness can, and often does, actively participate. Not only are the higher levels of consciousness receiving and assimilating information, but the conscious awareness is receiving and analyzing data on the physical level (such as physical manifestation of emotional response, including body language, facial expression and voice inflection).

Lughnassadh The Festival Of The Corn Harvest

Nowadays, the festival energies are good for fighting injustice for oppressed people or creatures, especially for making sure that workers in Third World countries are not exploited financially for teaching new skills so that people in poor lands and deprived areas may have a chance to create their own prosperity, and for all acts of unpublicised charity.

God Of The Month The King

The King is the temporal or outward aspect of the Old God, the Sorcerer being the spiritual or inward aspect. As such the King is the God of structure and form. The King puts the physical world to order and establishes solid forms and systems, while the Sorcerer overcomes the illusion of solid form through magic. Where the Hero is expansion and growth, the King is stability and prosperity -He makes the good things of life plentiful and sustainable by the application of organization. JUPITER -Roman King of the Gods, Jupiter is related to and identified with the Greek Zeus, but is not identical to Him. Jupiter is above all a God of law and government, justice and wisdom. To the Romans Jupiter embodied all of the qualities of a good father, including sobriety and impartiality. Jupiter is associated with prosperity, expansion, and growth, self-confidence and optimism. Jupiter's consort was Juno (originally the Etruscan Moon Goddess Uni), and Their daughter the Goddess Minerva, also...

Ritual For Creating Healing Magick

* Hold the symbol of the person to be healed between your hands and speak a few words of love and reassurance as though they were with you. If you have already created for the sick person a herb poppet (see page 108) or sachet (see page 106), hold that between your hands and repeat the original herb empowerment or sit in silence recreating the ritual in your mind. You can add words of healing as above. If the object of the healing is a place, such as a lake or woodland under threat, imagine that you are in that place.

Spell To Attract Money

* During the waxing moon phase, prepare a circle of six green prosperity candles on a tray made of brass or any shiny metal. Use small, broad-based candles so that the wax can flow on to the tray. Light of increase, shower on me money and security. Bring, I ask, prosperity. * When the wax has hardened, cut a disc containing the coins and sprinkle dried basil on the wax for added prosperity.

Spell Of The Month Talismans And Amulets

A Talisman or Amulet can be made for any reason, though commonly they are used for such purposes as stimulating creativity, increasing prosperity, improving communication, expanding psychic receptivity, strengthening magical ability, drawing success either generally or to a specific endeavor, and overcoming general or specific problems.

In the Beginning A Sense of Wonder

But sympathy for one side and loathing for the other are no sure guides to an objective assessment of the rise, development, continent-wide influence and gradual decline of what must be the oldest Faith by which Man has sought to leave the sole consideration of self and seek, first, to approach and understand the phenomena of that Nature of which he knows himself to be a part, and, second - and much more importantly - to control the forces of which those phenomena are but the visible manifestation.


From ancient times it has been believed that certain plants have specific metaphysical qualities. By using the principle of SYMPATHETIC MAGIC -the idea that like attracts like- people would use the plants to promote the development of these same qualities in their lives.

The Source

The sleep state, when the conscious mind is at rest. The subconscious mind is passive and not capable of logic or thought development, so it cannot be the originator of the highly complex and elusive dream the subconscious can only put out what has been put in. So where does that leave us The dream is complex, well orchestrated and imaginative. The only possible source, apparently, is what Jung termed the unconscious , or higher spiritual mind . We now know this part of our mind or consciousness as the Super-Conscious. Are dreams important The mere fact that they occur gives them a certain importance. No facet of your existence is totally trivial. However, when you consider the source of your dreams, the great importance of them becomes increasingly clear. For many people the dream state is the only medium available to the higher mind for it to reach the consciousness. Thus every night it is busy trying to get its message across. Your higher self is expending a lot of time and effort...

Pathway Key The Moon

Situated on the pathway between Netzach and Malkuth this card represents creativity. After victory is the manifestation of the actual physical manifestation of the kingdom. From Netzach to Malkuth it gives clarity but to travel in the other direction can lead to illusion. Symbolic of the final stages of the quest and of solitude and vulnerability it shows that the end is insight. There is still the journey to the dawn and the path is badly lit and hard to discern. It is the utmost limit of human faculties but there is a need to discard the sense which have guided us thus far and a need for non-rational

Clearing The Channel

To become a Channel, you must remove the debris that blocks or impedes the flow of information. You must rid your mind of all of the rubbish accumulated throughout your lifetime so that a clean environment exists in which to develop those powers latent within you. You must overcome your inhibitions, false values, uncertainties, indecision and criticism of others. Some major considerations are as follows 1 Controlling the mind To clear the way for the higher


To prevent nightmares, place a handful of vervain leaves in your bed, wear them in a mojo bag on a string around your neck, or brew them into a tea and drink it just before bedtime. To induce dreams of a prophetic nature, anoint your Third Eye chakra with vervain juice on a night of the full moon. Close your eyes, open your mind, and allow yourself to drift off to sleep. Upon waking from your slumber, take care to write your dream down on paper (or use a tape recorder) to prevent it from later being forgotten. If interpreted correctly, it will provide you with an insight to events of the future.

Crowned Leadership

We now crown you with the sacred emblem of the deer's antlers, the emblem of your Lordship. You shall now become a mentor of the people of the Five Nations. The thickness of your skin shall be seven spans- which is to say that you shall be filled with peace and goodwill and your mind filled with a yearning for the welfare of the people of the confederacy. With endless patience you shall carry out your duty, and your firmness shall be tempered with tenderness for your people. Neither anger nor fury shall lodge in your mind, and all your words and actions shall be marked with calm deliberation.

Astral travel

This is probably the single hokiest-sounding topic you will find in this book. It is also one of the ones that seems to work with just about everyone. With its reference to the astral plane, the concept of travel is difficult to understand. The key is that you are not leaving your body at all. As with dreaming, astral projection is an exploration of your mind and the interconnections it has to the total human experience.

The Warning

Keep this book in your own hand of write. Let brothers and Sisters copy what they will, but never let this book out of your hands, and never keep the writings of another, for if it be found in their hand of write, they may well be taken and tortured. Each should guard his own writings and destroy them whenever danger threatens. Learn as much as you may by heart, and when the danger is past, rewrite your book. For this reason, if any die, destroy their book if they have not been able to, for, if it be found nd, 'tis clear proof against them. Ye may not be a Witch alone so all their friends be in danger of the torture. So destroy everything not necessary. If your book be found on you, 'tis clear proof against you. You may be tortured. Keep all thought of the cult from your mind. Say you had bad dreams, that a Devil caused you to write this without your knowledge. Think to yourself, I Know Nothing. I Remember nothing. I have forgotten all. Drive this into your mind. If the torture be too...

Irish Welsh Poetry

Only the English Translations have been provided. In the original, these poems had marvelous rhymes, meters and clever poetic devices that a literal translation cannot hope to convey. Use the sym-bology and nature imagery to open your mind. Please don't try to rush through these poems, many are of interminable length and will just bog you down. Skip the longer ones when you are just perusing, that way you'll enjoy them more when you have time.

Swimming Boatmen

When you're betting for tiles in an archery contest, you shoot with skill. When you're betting for fancy belt buckles, you worry about your aim. And when you're betting for real gold, you're a nervous wreck. Your skill is the same in all three cases, but because one prize means more to you than another, you let outside considerations weigh on your mind. He who looks too hard at the outside gets clumsy on the inside.


It is important to work naked from the start, so it becometh as second nature, and no thought of I have no clothes shall ever intrude and take your attention from the work. Also, your skin being so accustomed to unconfinement, when power is given off the flow is more easy and regular. Also, when dancing you are free and unconfined. . . . And the greatest of all, the touch of the body of your beloved thrills your inmost soul, and so your body gives out its utmost power and then it is most important of all that there is not the slightest thing to divert the attention, for then the mind must seize and mold the power generated, and redirect it to the desired end with all the force and frenzy of the imagination. It has been said that no real knowledge may be gained our way, that our practices are such that they can only lead to lust but this is not really so. Our aim is to gain the inner sight, and we do it the most natural and easy way. Our opponents' aim is ever to prevent man and woman...


The altar is set up in the center so that, when you stand in front of it, you are facing east. The Circle is indicated (by cord, chalk or paint) about you. Sit, or kneel, before the altar with your eyes closed. Concentrate your thoughts on seeing, in your mind's eye, yourself enclosed in a ball of white light. Direct your energies to make that light expand to completely fill the Circle. Hold it for a moment and then relax. Opening your eyes, stand and move to the east. Point your right forefinger (left, if left-handed) down at the Circle line. Walk slowly around the Circle, deosil, drawing the Circle through the power being directed down your arm and off your pointing finger (figure 4.1A). When you have been all the way around, return to the altar (figure 4.IB). Light the altar candle and the incense. Now take the altar candle and, moving round the altar, light the east candle from the altar candle. Continue and light the south, west and north candles figure A). Continue on back to...

Healing the past

If you have photographs that represent a bad memory, place them in a mason jar. Fill the mason jar halfway with heavily salted water. Heat this in a double boiler and seal it when it is hot. Tie a black ribbon around the neck of the bottle three times and anoint with banishing oil. Place it in the back of the freezer next to the turkey leg you forgot from last year's holiday dinner. If this doesn't put the memory in the furthest reaches of my mind, I have been known to take the jar to my local shooting range and blast it a few times with a 12-gauge. Sure, the glass shatters and for an instant the visual affect is that the memory was released, but your mind doesn't process information quick enough to notice. Instead, it sees the representation of that memory all but disintegrate.

The Love Knot Spell

At the same time, try to visualize yourself as standing in a small clearing within a vast, dark forest. The tops of the tree close far above you over your head, and through the green twilight you can hear in the distance the trampling and occasional cry of a wild beast as it crashes through the undergrowth. It seems to be approaching the clearing in the trees where you stand, drawing ever nearer each time you face another quarter to repeat your invocation. Now you can even smell the rank goaty smell of the beast It is Cernunnos himself, the Horned One in his dark semianimal form with rearing antlers and erect phallus, eyes burning like coals in the forest gloom. Finish your call to the north, and see him vividly in your mind's eye standing in the east outside the perimeter of your charmed triangle. You may visualize him as the classical god Pan, the Sabbatic goat or even as that figure of Elizabethan romance, Robin Good-fellow, or Puck. These are all but faces worn by Cernunnos, god of

Steps to Casting

Preparation of the self - take a ritual bath or shower, with your mind on purification and readiness for the rite to come then dress in whatever clothes and jewelry you wear for ritual. Ground and center. For a group ritual, smudge each individual before they enter the ritual area.

Candles and Colors

Their strong effects on the conscious mind can esily be tested. Simply buy a white candle. While alone in a darkened or completely dark room, place it in a holder and light its wick. As the match flares up and ignites the wick, settle down before it. Still your mind and watch the flame as it slowly melts the wax. Breathe softly, slowly, gazing at the candle like a mystic into a crystal sphere.

Creating A Temple

Before you begin a formal ritual, you must cast an astral or spiritual temple above and surrounding the circle and the location. In your mind's eye, visualise your own temple, perhaps one from the ancient world, resplendent with gold and jewels, with a statue of a deity in marble, gold or silver. The roof of the temple may form a crystalline pyramid or be open to the stars. (Readers of the late Dion Fortune's occult novels will have no difficulty in forming images of such splendid edifices.) Or you may create a grove of oak or olive trees or one of the ancient stone circles as your working place or a castle room whose battlements are lashed by a stormy sea. The altar in your temple may be pure gold, ornate stone or beaten copper, and the candles may be set in ancient lamps. With practice, you may find that a particular temple form automatically creates itself in your mind's vision, but if this is not helpful, then concentrate on the magick that exists your own very special working...

The Old Laws

E If you would Keep a book let it be in your own hand of write. 80 Let brothers and sisters copy what they will, but never let the book out of your hands, and never keep the writings of another, for if it be found in their hand of write, they well may be taken and enjoined. Each should guard his own writings and destroy it whenever danger threatens. Learn as much as you may by heart, and when danger is 85 past, rewrite your book an it be safe. For this reason, if any die, destroy their book if they have not been able to, for an it be found, 'tis clear proof against them, And our oppressors well know, Ye may not be a witch alone So all their kin and friends be in danger of torture. So ever destroy anything not necessary. 90 If your book be found on you. 'tis clear proof against you alone. You may be enjoined. Keep all thoughts of the Craft from your mind. Say you had bad dreams a devil caused you to write it without your knowledge. Think to yourself, I know nothing. I remember...

Colour Healing

Colour has long been believed to have the power to influence not only our moods, but our physical well-being. The Babylonians called the healing power of light 'the medicine of the gods'. Healing colours have been used for thousands of years in Chinese treatments and in Ayurveda, an ancient Indian medicine. The Ancient Egyptians wore amulets of coloured stones red to treat disease, yellow for happiness and prosperity, and green for fertility.

The Altar or Shrine

There are as many kinds of altars as there are Wiccans, and there are no hard and fast rules for how to build one--the important thing is that the altar speaks to your Younger Self and brings you into a sacred mentality. If you do not wish to have a working altar set up all the time with all of your tools out on display, you might consider keeping a shrine, a simplified altar whose whole purpose is communion with Deity. A shrine can be as simple as a candle, an incense burner, a stone for the God and a seashell for the Goddess. An altar can be infinitely complex, or dedicated to a single purpose (such as prosperity, motherhood, or an individual Sabbat).

Charging With Power

Mother Earth, charge with the power of the ancient stone circles and the wise ways ofthe ancestor's this - name the too(s) of magick and healing, that my work may be rooted in what is possible and help create abundance and prosperity for others and the land, as well as for my own needs.

Deities Names

So we have this idea of an Ultimate Deity, an incomprehensible power, and in trying to relate to it we have split it into two main entities, a male and a female. To these we have given names. It would seem that by so doing we are limiting what is, by definition, limitless. But so long as you know, and keep always in the back of your mind, that It IS limitless you will find that this is the easiest path to follow. After all, it is pretty difficult to pray to a Thing , a Supreme Power, without being able to picture someone in your mind.

The Airts

Simply put Air represents thought, ideas, conceptions. Air represents beginings and new things. Fire represents action and physical manifestation -creating and doing. Water represents emotion and reaction -the natural effect of responding to what has been manifested. North represents integration, wisdom, and understanding.

Religious Magic

As we've seen, folk magic is the movement of natural energies to bring about needed change. It is a means by which we can take control of ourselves and our lives, thus turning negatives into positives. It allows us to transform poverty into prosperity, sickness into health, loneliness into love, danger into security.


The main principles of western Geomancy are exemplified by the Magic Circle. Briefly, the direction of East is creativity and new beginnings. South is action and manifestation. West is emotion and the subconscious. North is wisdom. Everything that is Above or goes to the right (DEOSIL) is connected to the God, to matter, and to physical manifestation. Everything that is Below or that goes to the left (TUATHAIL, or less correctly Widdershins ) is connected to theGoddess, to spirit, and to cleansing. You will learn more about this in LESSON V.


Witchcraft Magazine

In contemporary Witchcraft and Paganism, initiation marks entry into a closed and traditionally secret society opens the door to the learning of ritual secrets, MAGIC and the development and use of psychic powers marks a spiritual transformation, in which the initiate begins a journey into Self and toward the Divine Force and marks the beginning of a new religious faith. While traditional initiation rites exist, Witches and Pagans feel the spiritual threshold may be crossed in many alternate ways. Initiation may be experienced in a group or alone. It may be formal or informal. It may be performed with an old ritual or a new one it may come as a spontaneous spiritual awakening, in meditation or in dreams. It may occur at a festival. Initiations in Contemporary Witchcraft and Paganism Contemporary Witchcraft is a mystery religion, providing a context for the initiate to Know Thyself. Initiatory rites bear no resemblance to the descriptions offered by those early witch-hunters and...

The Psychic Tide

The Cycles of Time are known as the PSYCHIC TIDE. It is called this because the inner and outer movement of the energy is like the tide of the ocean. In the Tide is in its' Dark half the energy is going inward it is a time for contemplation, inner workings, examination of the inner levels of the self, releasing that which one has outgrown. When the Tide is in its' Light half the energy is going outward it is a time for physical manifestation, creation, beginning of new projects. Both halves of the Tide propel one forward, each in its' own way. It is a perpetual cycle of consolidation (Dark) followed by growth (Light) followed by consolidation (Dark) followed by still more growth (Light). Neither can be sustained without the other for balance.

Base oils

Almond Oil masculine (associated god forms Chandra, Jupiter, Liber Pater, Ptah, Wotan, and Zeus) There are several varieties of almond oil. Look for one with the lightest scent of its own, as strong scents are a sign of artificial additives. It is the oil of choice when the finished product will be used for massage. Because its element is Air, it is an excellent base to use for the consecration and empowering of wands and other tools associated with Air. Lore also tells us that its powers are often used to attract prosperity and wisdom, making it an excellent base for both of these uses. Sesame Oil masculine (Associated god form Ganesha) If worn on the body, this is a good oil to base blends to inspire lust. Traditionally used for home prosperity (not for the individual but the household). The classic secret words open sesame probably refer to its ability to discover secrets. Use sesame oil as the base for truth and justice oils.


Damiana Diferant Plant Picture

Only one step up from physical manifestation. This is reflected in the planetary attribution of the Moon being the heavenly body being most easily reached from the Earth. As we live in a physical sense in Malkuth so do we live in Yesod, as Yesod gives life to matter. All Moon deities find their home here from Luna and Hecate to Hathor and Ganesha. The phases of the Moon are reflected in the Triple Goddesses who find their home here, Waxing is the Maiden, Full the Mother and Waning the Crone it neither truly grows no more than it really shrinks. Night after night from her New Moon state, Lady Luna reveals more of herself to us. The whole of her may not always be visible but it is always there just not illuminated. So is the knowledge we learn from the Lady. During the waning cycle more of the Moon becomes hidden and Yesod does on the Tree. He and his angels guide the souls to and from physical manifestation. Though the matter itself is Malkuth the force which holds it together and...

Correllian Wicca

When you have the image of the ball of red light at the Root Chakra clear in your mind, move to When the ball of deep blue light is clear in your mind, move on to the Crown Chakra. Just above the top of your head, imagine a ball of violet light, beautiful, clear, and bright. Try to hold the image of all seven balls of light at once. Hold this image for a few moments.


Venus is also invoked for beauty, the arts, crafts and music, relationships, friendships, blossoming sexuality, the acquisition of beautiful possessions and the slow but sure growth of prosperity, for Venus rules all matters of growth. Like the Moon, she can be invoked for horticulture and the environment because she can be associated with excesses of unwise love and romance, spells can be created in her name to reduce the influence of destructive lovers and possessiveness. Also like the Moon, the spells of Venus are potent for fertility and for matters of women's health.

The Puppet Spell

Having done this, lay the completed puppet in the altar triangle face up with its head pointing to the east. Take the Athame in your right hand (left if you are left-handed) and raise it high above the image, pointing at the place where its heart would be now, visualizing Cernunnos himself standing behind you guiding your hand, strongly project the mental image of your intended victim onto the puppet, trying to see it as him. When your mind is set unwaveringly on this idea, chant the spell thus,

Remote viewing

This is possible because, like the more tangible plane, the astral plane is a shared reality. In a non-astral state, it is not necessary to have a memory of a place that does not yet appear to reside in your mind. Even if someone else built a house, you can enter and move about. The astral plane is no different except


Salt rituals are among the oldest forms of magick and salt can form the focus of magick for health and prosperity ceremonies as well as for psychic protection. The kind used is most usually sea salt and represents the Earth element. It should be kept covered and separate from domestic salt and it must be empowered before use.

Vengeance And Attack

You are going to have to contact the abyss within you, and dredge up all those repressed hostilities and dark hatreds you have banished to the cellars of your mind from childhood onward. This can take time to whip your emotions into that state of frenzy which will make the magic work is not a task that can always be accomplished at one sitting. It can be a work of some days at least, and because of the caustic energies it deals with and the harm they can quite obviously inflict on the user himself, it is not to be lightly embarked upon. This without even taking into consideration the possibility of the return current should the victim be adequately protected. Before embarking upon any operation of wrath and chastisement, truly calling as it does upon the powers of fire and darkness, make very, very sure in your own mind that the risk is worth taking. Only a mind in which no qualms or second thoughts are present can house and effectively manipulate the requisite forces. You must now...


Malkuth Pantacle

Being a pathway of the middle pillar, balance and harmony flow to the Physical Realm. It is a downward flowing pathway but to rise up the Tree with pathworkings we much go against the flow of the Tree's natural energy. In doing so we meet much greater resistance and as such it is much harder to rise up the Tree in this physical form. It becomes like swimming against the tide.The energies of the three pillars come together in physical manifestation. What does each sphere give to the other to create the physical manifestation in full When returning from full manifestation, when rising up through the pathworkings, what do we need to consider, what do we need to leave behind Consider each aspect

Meanings Of Stones

AMBER -(yellow, orange, brown) Helps clear the mind, gives mental clarity, inner peace. AVENTURINE -(green) Draws money and prosperity. EMERALD -(light to dark green) Protection, success, prosperity. Also promotes memory, learning. MALACHITE -(green and black) Malachite promotes success -whether in business or love. Prosperity, creativity, fertility.


The summoning of the dead has always been considered by witches as among some of the most dangerous operations in the book, strangely enough, sometimes even more so than the summoning of demons. The truth of the matter is that it can be an extremely taxing operation to perform if the motivation is anything other than love, and if a physical manifestation is required, as is always the case when the shade is conjured to visible appearance.


In magick, blue can expand the boundaries of possibility and bring success, confidence and power mingled with altruism, nobility and idealism. Blue is also used for prosperity rituals where this involves advancement or for maximising opportunities, for promotion and expansion of business.

The Full Moon

Blue Moon (Variable) This occurs when the full moon appears twice within the same calendar month. A blue moon is considered to be extremely lucky and is used for magical rites that are in alignment with luck, prosperity, and good fortune. And bless me with love, health and prosperity. For this I will, so let it be


Thursday, the day of Jupiter, is good for all forms of increase and expansion, whether improving fortune or career prospects or bringing promotion, power, ambition and joy through fulfilment of objectives. Jupiter's influence may be personal or more usually socially orientated it is also potent for leadership, for conscious wisdom, creativity, for extending one's influence in the wider world, for idealism, matters of justice and the law, authority and altruism. Jupiter increases what already exists, so can bring greater prosperity and abundance or success and good fortune. It rules marriage, permanent relationships (both business and personal), fidelity, loyalty and male potency in both the human and animal kingdom.

Incense Magick

Incenser Draw

Since the 1960s, incense sticks, cones and burners have increased in popularity for home use, to create an atmosphere of calm, to induce love and cleanse negativity. Many people use them for meditation as well as for rituals for confidence, health, love, prosperity, psychic protection and success. Like herbs and oils, incense can be empowered for specific purposes and can itself form a focus for a spell, as I describe later in this section. In formal magick, incense represents the Air element and is placed in the East of the altar. It is perhaps the easiest and most accessible magical substance and yet it can be a very potent form of magick. Incense burning differs from lighting essential oils, in that the fragrance is transmitted almost instantly on the smoke and so tends to be more concentrated and powerful than the slower-burning oils. It is therefore very effective for rituals requiring immediate action or the same intensity of effort from start to finish, rather than a gradual...

Witch Practices

Keep all thoughts of the cult from your mind. Say you had bad dreams, that a devil caused you to write this without your knowledge. Think to yourself, 'I know nothing I remember nothing I have forgotten all.' Drive this into your mind. If the torture be too great to bear, say 'I will confess. I cannot bear this torment. What do you want me to say Tell me and I will say it.' If they try to make you tell of the Brotherhood, do not, but if they try to make you speak of impossibilities, such as flying through the air, consorting with the Devil, sacrificing children or eating man's flesh, say 'I had evil dreams, I was not myself, I was crazed.'

The Coriander Spell

Pour a small quantity of pure distilled water into the chalice, and count seven coriander seeds into your mortar. Pound these well and strongly summoning an image in your mind's eye of the person or persons that the spell is designed to affect, call their names aloud three times, and chant these words,


Sachiel, the Divine Benefactor, is the angel of charity who says that only by giving freely to others will our own needs be met. He works constantly to help others and to improve the lives of humankind. He can therefore be invoked for all rituals to bring better harvests, both physical and emotional, and for increasing abundance and prosperity, not just for a minority but the good of all. He restores rundown areas or cities where unemployment has been lost, blending new skills with traditional knowledge.

Symbols Of Magick

Tarot cards also provide excellent symbols for magick the Emperor for power, the Empress for fertility, the Ten of Pentacles for prosperity, the Lovers for romance, the World or the Eight of Wands for travel, Temperance for harmony, Justice for matters of law, etc. Even if you do not use Tarot cards for divination, a brilliantly illustrated pack, such as the Rider Waite or the Morgan Greer, will by their pictures suggest all kinds of images for your work. My book Tarot Talks to the Woman Within (Quantum, 2000) contains many examples of Tarot spells and in spite of its title, the book is very male-

The Wand

In some traditions, the wand is a tool of Air and so this and the athame, or the sword, are fairly interchangeable. However, the wand seems more effective for casting and uncasting circles, invoking quarters and closing power. It is also particularly good for directing energies in rites of love, healing, fertility, prosperity and abundance.

Silver Spell

Before you begin, fix in your mind the idea that you are a prosperous person. See money as being no problem. Imagine money coming to you as you need it. Blow out the match, discard it in a heat-proof container, and settle down before the glowing candle and money. Sense the feeling of money in your life. Visualize (see with your mind's eye) a life with money to spare-a life which bills are quickly paid and money will never again be a problem.


When you first begin to meditate you will find it difficult to sit still for more than a few minutes at a time. Your mind wants to wander, your body wants to fidget and may even develop a great itch demanding to be scratched It will take a little time but you will discover that you are the master of your body and mind. Ignore the itch. Tell your conscious mind to sit down and shut up YOU are very busy with more important business. The itch will go away and your conscious mind will become disciplined to sit quietly aside as you attune to your higher nature IF YOU REMAIN PERSISTENT. Remember, you let your mind and your emotions run your affairs all of your life. Now your mind and emotions must learn that they work for you. It may take a few lessons, but they will learn. Stay with it. You are embarking on the greatest voyage of your life.

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