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Dorn Spinal Therapy has been in uses in the past 40 years. The credit of this method goes to Dieter Dorn, who has made a significant impact in the medical field. DORN- Method has been used on various patients where results could get witnessed instants. Due to the impact, this method has brought in the country. It has been declared the standard practice in treating Pelvical Disorders, Spinal, and Back pain. Dieter Dorn first used this method on his family, which was a sign of confidence in a method, which later gained much attention from different people in the country and also globally. Every day Dorn was able to offer treatment to 15- 20 patients in a day. His services were purely free which attracted attention both in the local and also global. The primary treatment that DORN-Method which could be treated using this method include spine healing therapy, misalignments of the spine, resolving pelvis and joints, and also solving out significant problems which could get attributed to vertebrae. More here...

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Creator: Amanté Samraj Riethausen
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Secret In Order To Function Within The Superior Vehicles

The disciple will start to learn how to depart from his physical body in his astral vehicle. Later on, when he is Out of his body, he will beg his Intimate to take his inferior vehicles out from him. Then, his Intimate will take his astral, mental, causal, etc., vehicles out from the atomic doors of his spinal column.

The Elemental Instructor Of The Gnostic Medic

When a Gnostic requests admittance into the Temple of the Sphinx, then, the Guardians meticulously examine him in order to see if he is worthy to deserve entrance and affiliation as a disciple into the school. Speaking in practical magical terms, this signifies that his spinal column is measured. For that purpose, the student is momentarily united with his Intimate (Spirit) and he receives the command to elongate himself in order to have his spinal column measured. Thus, if the Guardian or Tyler permits him he will then enter as a disciple into the temple.

Shamanism In The Caucasus Medea

Jason and Medea came down the path to the sacred grove in search of the giant oak, over which the fleece had been cast, like a cloud that glows red under the fiery rays of the rising sun. But the snake, watching out with his sleepless eyes, stretched out his long neck to meet them as they came and gave out a monstrous hiss. The long riverbanks and the vast grove reverberated around them. This was heard by the inhabitants of the Colchian land who lived a long way from Titanian Aea, by the debouch of the Lycus, which splits off from the roaring river Araxes and mixes its sacred stream with the Phasis. They combine their streams into one and debouch into the Caucasian sea. New mothers woke in fear and, distressed, threw their hands round their baby children, who were sleeping in the crooks of their arms, and who shook at the hiss. As unnumbered circles of sooty smoke coil upward above smoldering wood and one ever rises quickly on top of another, ascending upward from below in...

The Roses From Sirius

Then, the elemental of the Sassafras plant transported himself towards the Indian chief and went around him while pronouncing his elemental magic enchantments. The elemental penetrated into the cerebrum-spinal nervous system of the Indian chief and totally dominated him by saturating him with atoms of love, light and harmony.

Mystical Qabalah Samuel Weiser

Accusations of the kiss of shame were often raised in witchcraft and heresy inquisitions and trials. The Cathars and Waldenses (see Vaudois), religious sects persecuted for heresy, were thus accused, as were the Knights TEMPLAR in the 14th century. The Templars were said to require initiates to kiss their superiors on the anus, navel, base of the spine and phallus. Some knights also were said to worship the Devil in the form of a black CAT, which they kissed beneath the tail.

The Root Chakra Survival

The Root chakra is located at the base of the spine, and it is the foundation upon which the entire column rests. The Root governs physical existence and survival. It is the chakra of Earth manifestation, of health and material needs. The Root is a very dense and solid chakra, and its desires are difficult, if not impossible, to ignore we cannot progress spiritually until our physical needs are met. It is hard to meditate if you are starving.

The Snake And The Mirror

The igneous snake remains enclosed within a membranous bag that is situated in the coccygeal bone, which is the bone that serves as a base for the spinal column. An ethereal chakra exists within the coccyx, and the spiritual fire snake resides there. When we practice sexual intercourse in the same way as the Arhuaco 'Mamas' and the Aztec Indians practice it, then this spiritual fire snake awakens and starts its ascension through the canal of the spinal column, until reaching the head. Those who are awakening their igneous snake must help themselves with electric massages from the bottom to the top, along the spinal column. Any electric massage apparatus serves for this purpose.

The Testimony Of The Mad Arab

Necronomicon Silver Amulet From The Fire

When I was only a youth, travelling alone in the mountains to the East, called MASSHU by the people who live there, I came upon a grey rock carved with three strange symbols. It stood as high as a man, and as wide around as a bull. It was firmly in the ground, and I could not move it. Thinking no more of the carvings, save that they might be the work of a king to mark some ancient victory over an enemy, I built a fire at its foot to protect me from the wolves that wander in those regions and went to sleep, for it was night and I was far from my village, being Bet Durrabia. Being about three hours from dawn, in the nineteenth of Shabatu, I was awakened by the howl of a dog, perhaps of a wolf, uncommonly loud and close at hand. The fire had dies to its embers, and these red, glowing coals cast a faint, dancing shadow across the stone monument with the three carvings. I began to make haste to build another fire when, at once, the gray rock began to rise slowly into the air, as though it...


Meditation should be comfortable and secure. Therefore your posture should be comfortable and secure. You may choose any position you like so long as you make sure to keep your spine straight. I personally recommend that you sit in a comfortable, straight-backed chair. You should be able to sit well back spine straight with your feet flat on the floor. The chair should, preferably, have arms to it on which to rest your arms. It need not have a high back, in fact it is better if it does not. You may prefer to sit or lay on the floor. If you choose to sit on the floor, the lotus position is not recommended unless you are an adept and completely comfortable with it. You should select a location that allows you to lean against something for back support. The floor surface should be comfortably soft. It is helpful, though not absolutely necessary, to reduce the presence of man-made fibers such as metal, plastic and synthetics, as much as possible. Ideally a soft sheepskin or a heavy woolen...

The Witches Cradle

The second variation (Figure 8.3) is suspended by the leather sleeves. The leather sheath was cushioned with fur (modern versions use foam rubber) for comfort. The crossbar is suspended by a yoke to a single rope, again to provide ground disorientation. Notice that in both cases the spine is kept straight. Not only did the Cradle produce sensory isolation, which aided freeing of the consciousness, it also aided the projection of the consciousness beyond the physical body astral projection.

Correllian Wicca

The Root Chakra - The Root Chakra is located near the prostate in men and the paraurethral gland (the so-called Graffenberg Spot) in women. This is essentially the same location for each, but due to anatomical differences may be perceived as being different. This difference in perception is the reason why some Chakra manuals describe the Root Chakra as being located at the base of the spine and others locate it in the genitals -the former is more the perception of a male, the latter of a female. One can visualize the Root Chakra as being roughly centered in the lower hip region.


The pressed juice of the Tobacco leaves (the leaves must be green), mixed with some fat and placed under the sun or over a gentle fire, can then be applied warm for colds, for the pubis, for pain in the side, on wounds and on tetanus, for whooping cough, on the abdomen, the spine and sacro-lumbar area for chronic diarrhea, and also on the navel of children for parasites.

The Puppet Spell

Now when the cold shivers on your spine inform you that the Horned One is indeed present, take the clay or wax and mould it into a doll whose features resemble your victim's as closely as you can manage. A bought doll is a very poor substitute, although some witches do use them - half the magic is contained in the modelling process. I have known other witches who go to the opposite extreme and not only take the pains to get the features right, but even go so far as to build the doll up from a tiny skeleton made of pipe cleaners, which is then fleshed out with modelling clay. But don't worry, just do your best. It really doesn't matter how crude the puppet is, just so long as it is the best you can manage. The one important thing to remember is that you must clearly delineate the sex of the mannikin. That is, you must exaggerate the sexual organs of the doll in such a way as to be quite apparent that they are in a state of extreme sexual excitement.

The Eight Sabbats

The world around us changes you don't need me to tell you that. The sun rises, the day grows warm, the winds blow, the sun sets, the moon hangs high, the stars twinkle, the night settles and a chill runs down your spine. The world slumbers and the cycle begins anew the next day.

The Kundalini

Introduce the virile member into the feminine vagina, then, withdraw without spilling the semen (without reaching the orgasm). This is what is called sexual magic and it is mandatory for the Gnostic Medic to practice sexual magic daily, in order to transmute his semen into divine energy. Thus, the fire of the Holy Spirit or Kundalini awakes with this prescription, because this fire rips the membranous pouch in which it is enclosed. Then, it ascends upwards through a canal which is situated within the spinal medulla. This canal is called Shushumna in the east. Such a canal remains closed in the common and current people. However, the seminal vapors open it and expose it, so that the Kundalini can enter through its inferior orifice, in order to ascend upwards through a thread which is situated in the center of such a canal. In Gnosticism, we call the spinal vertebrae cannons or pyramids. Each cannon is related with determined occult powers. There exist 33 spinal cannons. When the...


Massage is one of the single most important therapies used in healing. The visualization of chi, or life force, being manipulated is a valid method for moving healing energies through the body. This life force is thought to originate in the spine with its movement going either down the legs and out through the toes, or up the back and along the arms and then out through the fingers. In all techniques of massage that use visualization of chi there are some very basic rules 1. Once you begin to touch the body, the movement should always be away from the spine, either up the body and out through the fingers or down the legs and out through the toes. If you begin to massage the neck, then you must visualize that energy moving out through the arms and then the fingers. You should not make any movement down the back. The flow and direction of chi are very important.


Sit comfortably, relaxing the body as much as possible without slumping or allowing the spine to curve. Help loosen tight muscles by doing the following exercises away from them. Repeat the process with the balls of the feet, the arches, the heels, the ankles and so on. Completely relax the entire body, section by section. Calves, knees, thighs, groin, buttocks, spine, stomach and chest cavity, shoulders, upper and lower arms, wrists, hands, neck, throat, chin, jaw (let the jaw sag and hang slightly open if you feel a tendency for it to do so), eyes, cranial area and scalp. Relax every muscle, vein, nerve and fiber as you move up your body. Finish your relaxation technique at the forehead. Then you need only to focus inward to your third eye.

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