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Sex and the Pagan Community

With our reverence of sexuality we have enormous freedom the stigmas against homosexuality, polyamory, and various forms of kink are removed, and any sexual act done consensually and with love is a sacrament. This reverence does, however, have its drawbacks, as it confers

Chapter One The Mermaid Mystery

To make sense of mermaid sightings some people have pointed out that the vagina of female sea cows is very similar to that of a human female. So the suggestion is that sailors may have had sex with manatees, and to perhaps cover up this act of bestiality they may have claimed they had intercourse with a mermaid. The problem is that there are many more stories of shepherds who have sex with sheep and they don't invent a mythical creature to cover up this act. They simply keep quiet about it. To be fair, some mermaid reports are clearly that of sea cows. In 1739, The Scots Magazine carried a report that the crew of the ship Halifax, in the East Indies, had caught and eaten several mermaids, because they were short on rations. When they returned to London, the sailors described how the creatures moaned with great sensibility, when caught . The flesh, they claimed, tasted like veal.

Council Of Basel Witchcraft

A religious celebration in honor of the Roman god of wine, Bacchus, the rites, real or supposed, of the Bacchanalia became an important basis for the idea of the witches' sabbath in later medieval Europe. In ancient Greece, worshipers of the god of wine and fertility, Dionysos (who later became the Roman Bacchus), gathered at night, often in secluded wilderness areas. Their celebrations usually involved a number of women led by male priests, and entailed rites involving the consumption of wine, ecstatic dancing, and animal sacrifice. The god, Dionysos, was represented by a horned goat, a traditional symbol of fertility. The celebrations were often associated with sexual frenzies. In Roman times, the Bacchanalia became so associated with uncontrolled revelry, sexual activity, and immorality, that it was outlawed by the Roman Senate in 186 B.C.E. The description of a Bacchanalia by the Roman historian Livy became an important literary model for the later idea of the sabbath.

The Coleopterous Charm

Figs, dates and eggs are supposed to be the sexiest foods. Oysters and fish, too. Fish is very high in vitamin E, which may have some effect on sexual activity. When a man is having difficulty getting a woman pregnant, doctors often advise increasing the vitamin E intake for her and the man, so there

The Deianeira Tradition

76 Deianeira kills Heracles with a bogus love potion 36. While he was making his way Heracles arrived at the river Evenus and came across the centaur Nessus ferrying people across the river for a fee. He ferried Deianeira across the river first, fell in love with her because of her beauty, and so tried to rape her. But she shouted out to her husband and Heracles shot the centaur. Nessus, in the midst of congress and dying almost at once because of the severity of the blow, told Deianeira that he would give her a love potion philtron to prevent Heracles from desiring sex with any other women. He urged her to take the semen that he had dropped on the ground, blend it into olive oil and the blood that dripped from the arrow, and smear it over Heracles' tunic. Nessus expired at once after giving this advice to Deianeira. She followed his instructions, collected up his semen and put it in a jar, dipped the arrow into it, and kept the jar secret from Heracles. He crossed the river.

There have been Witches in all Ages

'This meant that many women resented this subjugation, and a secret religion, where woman was important and which made sexual activity a proud mystery instead of a drudgery, was made. This religion also served as a psychological Cave of Adullam for emotional women, repressed women, masculine women, and those suffering from personal disappointment, or from nervous maladjustment which had not been resolved by the local resources of the Church.'

Satanism And The Occult

However, Crowley is also known for his temple, the Abbey of Thelema (a name taken from Rabelais' novel Gargantua and Patitagruel) that he established m Sicily to provide a place where he could pursue his interest in Tantrism and sex magic. His sexual activities and drug-taking with his disciples caused scandal which he appears to have enjoyed, since throughout his life he courted publicity for his iconociasm, referring to himself with pride as 'the wickedest man in the world'. His upbringing among the Plymouth Brethren was said to have inspired in him a passionate hatred of Christianity which he aimed to destroy, identifying himself with the Egyptian God Seth,4 with the Greek Pan and with Satan, and also calling himself 'The Great Beast'. This last ride comes from Revelations, from which he also, took the number 666 to be his personal number. Rather than being a satanist in the sense of worshipping the Devil, Crowley idendfied himself with the arch-antagonist in the Christian cosmos,...

Out of the Land of Egypt

The tribal rites of most primitive peoples include purification, tests of fortitude, instruction in tribal lore, sexual knowledge, charms, religious and magical knowledge, and often a ritual of death and resurrection. Now the witch cult contained most of these things therefore, as we believe that all the mysteries were basically the same, the Greek mysteries must have taught the same things.

Heinrich Kramer and Jakob Sprenger

The second part of the book preyed upon the imaginations and fears of the people by giving evidence of bizarre, disgusting, terrifying, and satanic activities of witches. The Malleus Maleficarum placed special emphasis on the relationship between female witches and the devil. Witches were accused of eating children, having sex with the devil, going to sabbaths (mass meetings where witchcraft was performed) with other witches and demons, and having evil connections with ani-

Gothic Witches and the Burning Times

Heretic roasting became a lucrative source of wealth, power, and sexual satisfaction for both the Inquisitors and their civilian helpers. Eventually, however, they began to run out of heretics to kill. This was disastrous for them, since many Inquisitors and nobles had built their fortunes on confiscated property taken from their victims. A (2) having sex with the Christian Devil, (6) being sexually promiscuous (having more sex than the inquisitors were).

Malleus becomes basis for laws

Historical records from the late 1400s help shed light on the characters responsible for the campaign against witches. Pope Innocent VIII, who issued the Papal Bull condemning witches in 1484, was known for his adamant position against all things relating to fertility and sexuality. For instance, he published edicts describing the few situations in which sexual activity could not be considered the work of the devil, thus setting unrealistic guidelines for the common people. Yet historians have learned that he had a long-term relationship with a woman who bore him two illegitimate children. It is also said that for several months he was kept alive on his deathbed by nursing from the breast of a grown woman, and he received blood transfusions that cost the lives of four young donors.

The Tools Of Witchcraft

To practise witchcraft, you don't have to join your local sex orgy club. There are witches who argue that total abstinence from, sex is better for casting spells. Others who practise witchcraft believe an orgy is necessary. They argue that right before the sex act there is special energy in the atmosphere. That may be true, but how long can you sustain that high state of energy Not long. You can concentrate on witchcraft, or painting, medicine or book-keeping better when you're not distracted by sexual tension. The only connection between witchcraft and sex is that both thrive on high-voltage energy. The mystics in India attempt to sustain that particular state over a long period of time for various aesthetic reasons, but even then it reaches a peak without the sex act and dissipates itself naturally. By freeing yourself, you control yourself. You can only control what is out and around, not what is hidden. Freedom goes along with control. People who are not free are unable to control...

Kola Nut In Witchcraft

Two suggested exercises in Sexual Occultism by John Mumford have been used in Tantric yoga for thousands of years in India and the Middle East. These particular exercises can be used as a ritual to heighten orgasms. Exercise One To control ejaculation and orgasm (Muladhara Bandha).

Folklore From The Sierra Nevada

Introduce the virile member into the feminine vagina and withdraw it without spilling the semen (without reaching the orgasm). Whosoever renounces fornication and practices this secret daily, living a holy life, will also be converted into a God of Nature and into a Medic-Magician.

The Snake And The Mirror

The Indians are accustomed to always wear bracelets made with the skins of snake. The Arhuaco 'Mamas' from the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta remain entire hours sexually connected with their wives and they withdraw in the moment when they feel the approaching of the spasm, in order to avoid the spilling of the semen. In other words, they do not terminate the sexual act, because they suppress the orgasm. This is how they awake their 'igneous snake'. On the rocky patios of the Aztec Temples, young people from both sexes (couples) remained naked, caressing themselves and connecting sexually. This was done during the period of entire months without never consummating the sexual act (without reaching the orgasm). This is the way they were transforming themselves into Medic-Magicians, by awakening the power of their igneous snake. An ethereal chakra exists within the coccyx, and the spiritual fire snake resides there. When we practice sexual intercourse in the same way as the Arhuaco 'Mamas'...

Father God or Mother

The totemistic reaction to some admired animal characteristic - the survival-quality of the cat, the tracking-ability of the dog, the cunning self-protectiveness of the wolf, the blind ferocity of the shrew -is evidently one of these 'inherited predispositions to reaction' that Jung claims are buried deep in the collective unconsciousness of humanity. But before totemism had to come, the belief that a shared mode of reproduction - and thus (presumably) a shared collection of emotions centred about the sexual act -made Man somehow the Brother of Brother Animal, as St Francis of Assisi restated, in paraChristian terms, thousands of years after Man had first deduced the common humanity of the animal or the common animality of man. At what point in human enquiry did the truth that the female is 'the other half of a reproductive totality make itself evident to human understanding Behind the revelation must have come more careful observation, since the changes which overtake the female...

Religion And Philosophy

The ceremonies themselves begin with the drawing of the circle with an athame, a small ceremonial knife. Exact details of ceremonial procedure are only revealed to members of the old religion, but at NO TIME is there any sacrifice of any sort, or any sexual activity. The Druids drew some of their beliefs from the Old Religion, but sacrifice was peculiar to the Druids and is considered abhorrent by the white witches. Orgies were introduced by Satanists, who didn't appear on the scene until Christianity has been around for some time. The sabbat ceremonies are concluded by a shared meal, similar to the early Christian agape, or love feast.

Another Brand Plucked From the Fire

Mather was so outraged that he had Calef arrested for libel (a printed statement that wrongly damages a person's reputuation), claiming he falsified supposed eyewitness accounts of what had transpired with Rule. The case never actually went to court, but Mather wrote Calef a series of desperate letters begging him to clear his name. He was particularly concerned about the passages that implied a sexual relationship between him and Rule, insisting he had never touched her. Calef gave in, admitting that when he wrote that Mather had rubbed Rule's stomach, her breast not covered with the bedclothes, he had merely meant that her body was partially exposed. Yet it was still a damaging statement, and Calef's portrayal of the incident haunted Mather until his death.

Rachel ruined

After Ruth gained control of the family wealth, Rachel was left homeless and penniless. She was even reduced to begging from her neighbors. She appealed to the community for assistance, claiming that her husband had abandoned her financially and emotionally from the beginning of their marriage when it was apparent she was not going to inherit the estate. Lawrence Clinton had a reputation for having relationships with other women and was charged in court both for adultery (a sexual relationship between a married person and someone who is not the person's spouse) and attempted rape. Although the courts ordered him to pay support to his wife, in 1671 Rachel went back to court to complain that he had not yet paid her any money. In the meantime Lawrence had fathered a child out of wedlock with a woman named Mary Greeley while carrying on an affair with another, Mary Wooden, for which he was publicly whipped. Humiliated and alone, Rachel begged the courts for a divorce but they refused to...


When the human being spills the semen (reaches the orgasm), he loses millions of solar atoms which then are replaced by millions of demonic atoms from the very infernos of the human being. This produces a tenebrous obscurity within the Astral body. When the human being accomplishes with the following formula, which is to introduce the virile member into the feminine vagina, and to withdraw without spilling the semen (without reaching the orgasm), then, the solar atoms multiply in an extraordinary way and return into the Astral body. Hence, they fill the Astral body with light and solar fire. Only in such a way can the Buddha, the christie consciousness, express itself through the Astral body. Finally, the soul and the Intimate become united forever, thus bringing the final liberation. The formula in order to awake the Kundalini lies exclusively in the sexual act To introduce the virile member into the feminine vagina and withdraw without spilling the semen (without reaching the...

The Choanes

Now, beloved reader, do you want to know the formula in order to convert yourself into a God This is the formula Introduce the virile member into the feminine vagina, then, withdraw without spilling the semen (without reaching the orgasm). This is the clue in order for you to convert yourself into a God. Yet, to become a perfect saint is an indispensable requirement for you.

Gnostic Prayer

Let us put ourselves aside from the Spiritists and let us advance upon the theme. What is important is for a man to learn to love, to adore the woman, to delight in the joy of sex without spilling the semen (without reaching the orgasm). Man was made for the woman, and vice versa, the woman for the man. Male and female sexually unite with the divine difference of not ejaculating the semen (without reaching the orgasm), by learning how to withdraw in time, by separating themselves from the brutish ones.


The Tantric tradition is the best-known path that utilizes sexual energy for magical and spiritual work. Usually combined with breathing techniques and muscular contraction, the energy of orgasm is allowed to build and build and then is sent out toward a goal (other than one's own gratification). This practice takes discipline, and laserlike focus. It is very easy to get distracted when working with sexual energy, but the results can be very powerful.

Living Witchcraft

I am continually being asked various questions regarding the witch cult, and I can only answer Nearly all primitive people had initiation ceremonies and some of these were initiation into priesthoods, into magic powers, secret societies and mysteries. They were usually regarded as necessary for the welfare of the tribe as well as for the individual. They usually included purification and some test of courage and fortitude - often severe and painful - terrorisation, instruction in tribal lore, in sexual knowledge, in the making of charms, and in religious and magical matters generally, and often a ritual of death and resurrection.

The Black Mass

Witchcraft Magazine

The weird witchcraft ritual that followed was this It was believed that anyone who got a piece of the bloodstained host could then and there hold it up and call out the name of his chief enemy cursing him and wishing him injury or death. It was believed that this would hurt his enemy and perhaps kill him. The ending of the Black Mass was usually an orgy where everyone ate, drank, became drunk, indulged themselves in all lands of sexual acts that is, those who weren't either too full or too drunk to do so.

Joining A Coven

No reputable coven will be in a hurry to sign you up - the reverse is usually the case. You certainly do not want to find yourself signing in blood, being initiated by having sex with the High Priest or Priestess or promising to fall on a sword should you leave the coven or betray their secrets. Nor should you pay huge sums of money in advance for training for membership of an established pagan organisation, yes, but these tend to ask for remarkably little. Even a full Druidic or Goddess training, for example, costs no more than a few hundred pounds over several years. Most covens and healing groups expect you only to pay for your expenses.

The Sabbat

Let's get right down to the point here nudity doesn't always lead to sexual activity. And indeed, complete nudity isn't even necessary for sex (as evidenced by centuries of Asian erotic art). While the two can be, and certainly are, complementary to each other, doffing one's clothing isn't necessarily a prelude to sex. The state in which I live, California, led the fight for legally recognized clothing-optional beaches in the early 1970s. Police reports show that the number of occurrences of sexual activity on the infamous Black's Beach (a once-legal nude recreation area) was actually lower than that of other conventional beaches. What does this seem to say But such rites-as rare as they are-are only performed in private between two consenting adults. Ritual sex is never engaged in before other Wiccans or anyone else. Coven orgies are nonexistent. Wicca is not a swing club Sabbats and Esbats aren't excuses to have sex. Our morals are thrust upon us by the society in which we live. Our...

Buckeye Nuts

Buckeye nuts are believed by some hoodoo doctors to increase a man's sexual power. Shaped like miniature testicles, they are sometimes carried in the pants pockets as charms to bring men good fortune in sexual matters. In the southern and eastern regions of the United States, buckeyes are carried in mojo bags to cure or prevent such ailments as arthritis, rheumatism, and migraine headaches.

The Kundalini

Introduce the virile member into the feminine vagina, then, withdraw without spilling the semen (without reaching the orgasm). This is what is called sexual magic and it is mandatory for the Gnostic Medic to practice sexual magic daily, in order to transmute his semen into divine energy. Thus, the fire of the Holy Spirit or Kundalini awakes with this prescription, because this fire rips the membranous pouch in which it is enclosed. Then, it ascends upwards through a canal which is situated within the spinal medulla. This canal is called Shushumna in the east. Such a canal remains closed in the common and current people. However, the seminal vapors open it and expose it, so that the Kundalini can enter through its inferior orifice, in order to ascend upwards through a thread which is situated in the center of such a canal. The opening of the orifice of this canal of Shushumna is performed under the direction of an angelic atom, which is situated in the semen. This fine thread through...


Such fertility rites are governed by certain rules, which vary in different countries, particularly as to the age of girls, i.e. whether they are over or under puberty. Among the witches there appears to have been a definite rule that no girl under puberty had sexual intercourse with the Devil. This is even stated as a fact by so great an authority as Bodin 'Les diables ne font point de paction expresse auec les enfans, qui leurs sont vou z, s'ils n'ont attaint l'aage de pubert .' 1 The details of the trials show that this statement is accurate. 'Magdalene de la Croix, Abbesse des Moniales de Cordoue en Espaigne, confessa que Satan n'eust point copulation, ny cognoissance d'elle, qu'elle n'eust douze ans.' 2 Bodin and De Lancre both cite the case of Jeanne Hervillier of Verbery in Compi gne she was a woman of fifty-two at the time of her trial in 1578, She 'confessa qu' l'aage de douze ans sa mere la presenta au diable, en forme d'vn grand homme noir, & vestu de noir, bott , esperonn...

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