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The Mysteries of the Renaissance

Scope In Lecture Fourteen, we move from a discussion of millenarian movements to an investigation of the flip side of the Renaissance. This lecture focuses on Renaissance concerns with deep time, that is, with the recovery of what was thought to be the most ancient forms of knowledge. The lecture presents a nuanced view of Renaissance scholarship and writing, showing the different strains that made for cultural innovation. The lecture also explores the role of mysteries in Renaissance thought and their influence on the art and culture of Renaissance Italy and the rest of Europe. The lecture outlines briefly the different intellectual influences on the development of mysteries hermeticism, astrology, alchemy, and magic.

The Presentation Of Sources And The Commentaries

The translated source follows at once, without further introductory material, for the sake of immediacy. Care has been taken in the case of the documentary sources to base the translation on the best available published editions, since the difficulties of decipherment and interpretation can lead to significant variations between them. The editions used for the literary sources are usually listed in alphabetical order of ancient author or of corpus in the list of texts in the bibliography occasionally, for some more obscure sources, direct reference is made in the heading (using the format of author and date) to items of scholarship listed in the works cited section of the bibliography. The translations printed here are all my own, but I do not disguise the fact that some previously published translations, particularly those offered by the editors of the more difficult and obscure documentary sources, have been of influence. I do not confront the reader with the niceties of textual...

The Witches and the Mysteries

'Protected by the state, glorified by artists and poets, they were the centre of Greek life and flourished uninterruptedly from the eighth century B.C. to the year A.D. 396 when Eleusis was destroyed by mobs of monks. The secrets, protected by law, were respected we know as little of the Lesser Mysteries as we do of the Greater, that supreme vision which crowned the series of ceremonies on the last day. Scholarship made repeated efforts to discover what took place until the Villa of the Mysteries was discovered. This lies in the Street of Tombs, Pompeii, outside the Stabian Gate, and is divided into two separate parts by a corridor.

Satanism And The Occult

The direct legacy of Crowley's example and writing is not devil-worship but certain forms of ceremonial magic, many of them performed by individuals rather than as a group (Sutcliffe, 1996). Crowley combined an interest m Tantnsm,5 from which he drew a distmction'between self-directed (black) and other-directed (white) magic, with elements of Gnosticism.6 His occult scholarship and his writing on magick' still earn him the respect of serious magicians, who distinguish these achievements from his personal way of life, particularly his drug-taking, which they deplore. Crowieyan magick (he spelled it with a 'k' to distinguish it from

Neopagan Witchcraft Reference Books and Anthologies

The Modern Craft Movement (Witchcraft Today, Book 1), Modern Rites of Passage (Book 2), Shamanism and Witchcraft (Book 3), and Living Between Two Worlds Challenges of the Modern Witch (Book 4) All edited by Chas Clifton. This series of anthologies is excellent, containing essays by both Pagans and non-Pagans of widely varied scholarship.

Mesopagan Witchcraft the Seeds

The Witch-Cult in Western Europe, The God of the Witches, and The Divine King in England, all by Margaret Murray. Almost everything she had to say about the supposed survivals of Paleopagan cults into the Middle Ages (when their supposed members were persecuted as witches) has been thoroughly disproved by modern scholarship. Yet these are still important books with which modern Witches should become familiar.

Historical Overviews

You will notice that there are very few books here from the Feminist Craft (other than Starhawk's and Patricia Monaghan's) or various supposed Hereditary Traditions of Wtchcraft. That's because most of them have been of very poor quality over the years, as far as scholarship, logic, evidence of claims, or magical technique are concerned. However, some other good books have no doubt been overlooked, including some by friends and colleagues, so I will add them in future editions if people will politely bring them to my attention.

Prefatory Notes

Within these pages a series of myths and rituals are presented that have survive the darkest days of magick and occultism. The exorcisms and bindings of the famous Maqlu text are here presented for the first time in English, although not completely for the originals in their entirety were evidently not known to the author of the NECRONOMICON, nor are they to present scholarship the various tablets upon which they were written being cracked and effaced in many places, rendering translation impossible. The MAGAN text, which comprises the Creation Epic of the Sumerians (with much later glosses) and the account of INANNA's descent into the Underworld , along with more extraneous matter, is presented. The unique Book of the Entrance has no counterpart in occult literature, and the drawings of magickal seals and symbols are wholly new to anything that has yet appeared on the contemporary occult scene - although bearing some resemblances to various diagrams found in the ancient Arabic texts...

Budapest Z

Starhawk Witch

Following the Hungarian Uprising in 1956, Budapest joined the 65,000 political refugees who left the country. She completed her high school education in Innsbruck, Austria, and won a scholarship to the University of Vienna, where she studied languages. Tom located her through relatives, and the two were engaged by the time Budapest was 18. She was awarded a scholarship to the University of Chicago in 1959. Three weeks after her arrival there, she and Tom were married. Budapest had two sons, Laszo and Gabor, by the time she was 21.