The Wiccan Temple

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"Casting the circle is an enacted meditation. Each gesture we make> eac/? tool we use, each power we invoke/ resonates through layers of meaning to awaken an aspect of ourselves." —Starhawky The Spiral Dance

^HBHp he Wiccan temple, considered sacred space, is an ^^^^ area or room set aside for the reverence and worship of a deity. Once created, the personal temple radiates the glory and sovereignty of the god or goddess whose house it has become. In time, just like the great cathedrals, the temple area becomes filled with energy — one only needs to come within range of the area to feel the power, hope, and intent projected by its resident god or goddess.

The personal temple is considered to be a physical model of the universe, whose psychic energy it represents. It sets the standard for inner and outer spiritual organization and exhibits an understanding of the cosmology of the natural world. Everything contained within the Wiccan temple has meaning and purpose. The Wiccan temple holds the power and potential to evoke the elusive quality of the spirit, which is manifested when contact with a deity is made.

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