The Wand

M ^ The wand is ideally suited for directing personal power. Its phallic, tubular shape allows intellectual psychic energy to be channeled toward a desire objective. By virtue of its shape alone, it is masculine in nature. During ritual, the wand becomes an extension of the individual using it. Personal power is forced with a laser-like intensity toward the desired goal. The wand is the tool of creation; through it the seeds of desire are allowed to manifest. In all of magick, myth, and legend, wands have always been able to make wishes come true.

In Witchcraft, the wand is associated with Air (intellect), and East (new beginnings). The wand is usually made from a young tree branch of willow, rowan, or oak. It measures in length from the tip of the middle finger to the inside of the elbow. The directional end of the wand is usually fitted with a crystal or small pine cone, or is carved into a phallic shape. Leather cord, silver or copper wire, and feathers can be added for decoration.

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