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Water is passive and receptive. It has long been seen as the source of all potentialities in existence, and is associated with the Great Mother, the universal womb, birth, and fertility. Water is emblematic of the universe's life-giving and life-destroying abilities. Water is used to cleanse or purify physically as well as psychically.

Whereas Air is the intellect and Fire the energy or drive, Water is the emotional response to situations. Fluid, responsive, and giving, Water is sensitivity and emotion. Water is like the Great Mother and, when heated by the Fire God's passion, brings forth life. When it is cooled by the midnight air, silence and death are imminent. Many religions use immersion in water to symbolize the return to a primordial

Water Correspondences

The following items are all associated with the element of Water. Use them collectively or separately to help create the proper magickai atmosphere for working with Water. For example; pul a moonstone in a chalice filled with water. Place the chalice in a window where the light of the full moon can shine on it all night. Drink the water to increase psychic abilities.


Green, turquoise


Crescent, shells, boats, ship's wheel,

anchor, cup


Vessel, grail, chalice, cauldron


Aloe, cucumber, dulse, gardenia, lily,

lotus, willow


Aquamarine, moonstone, mother-of-



Oceans, rivers, lakes, ponds, waterfalls,



Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces




Autumn, sunset




Love, nurture, sensitivity, psychic

ability, healing

state of purity. In essence, the baptism or dunking of an individual in water signifies the death and rebirth of the body and spirit.

The element of Water is both detached and willful when it flows freely. However, there are times when Water will allow itself to be contained. Water is a gentle element, and it inspires intuition and the desire to worship. The element of Water is linked to and part of the Goddess within all of us. Water is remembering the past and foreseeing the future. But as Water brings life, it can also bring destruction; the key lies in governing its energy.

Gabriel is the Archangel of the West, and the spiritual aspect of Water. He is destined to sound the last trumpet. Gabriel, like Water, symbolizes fertility in all its forms. His role is that of an initiator, and he is pictured holding the Grail as he emerges from the sea of immortality in the West.

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